Any Honda experts here?


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Oct 17, 2002
West Coast
Hoping that someone might be able to lead me in the right direction with this...

I have a 2002 Accord (V6) which keeps making an odd "squeaking" or "scraping" noise from (I think) the left front wheel. I thought it was my brakes, but I does not happen when I apply them. It does not sound like the common brake squeal though. It happens mostly when I go over a long patch of rough road, but I can make it happen if I just go over anything that shakes the cars front wheels vigorously, continuously. I also notice it seems to happen more when I turn right, and there is somewhat rough road. I do not have to turn to make it happen though.

I tested the sound by driving the left side over the small, yellow bumbs that are used to divide a road, and I heard the sound every time I hit them. It does not happen when I go over speed bumps though. It also only seems to happen after I drive for awhile. I am wondering if it might be a brake indicator, a suspension part, or a wheel bearing..? The car has 87K on it and has never had any problems what-so-ever (I drive like an old man), so I am doubtful it is the suspension...

Any ideas what might be causing this? :huh:
Thanks in advance!


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Dec 25, 2005
Navarre, FL
I would be doubtful it would be the balljoint. Being that i have 30 year old balljoints on my car and they are fine. (for now) Sounds like the front brake caliper or dust shield might be touching the wheel/disk. Or might be really close and when turning or going over rough road causes it to contact and make that god awful sound.

Take a look under the car sometime and feel the disk if you can. Or take the wheel off and inspect the disk for yourself.


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Dec 9, 2004
probably need an axle, also known as a CV shaft.

Joe Avezzano

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Jul 9, 2006
My wifes car had a similar problem and it turned out to be a broken sway bar (or stabilizer bar?) link. Cost less than $150 to fix. Wasn't a Honda, but the same thing could have happened to any car.


Sep 15, 2004
Take it in for service and let a professional give you his thoughts.

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Mar 17, 2006
Island Park, NY
This guy if it's not you seems to have a similar issue:

I'm with Douche Nozzle : take it in for service preferably a honda dealer at least to get a diagnosis. You don't want to make things worse. You have over 80K and although Honda's are known for reliabilty they can't go forever without basic maintenance. At this mileage you should be prepared on spending a few bucks for replacing suspension parts, timing belt, water pump etc. Good luck.



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Aug 20, 2006
Point Pleasant, NJ
Does it click when you cut the wheel hard one way or the other and accelerate? If so, its the univ joint. Common problem. Take a look down there and see if the boots are ripped or leaking grease.

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Get the sway bar, and all other moving parts lubed. Most of them dont have grease fittings in them anymore. Just get under there wif some good penetrating spray, and spray the shit outta everything.

My Nissan Frontier just had the same problem (30,000 miles), I just did this and the problem was solved.


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Oct 17, 2002
West Coast
Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Turns out the back brakes were completely shot. Got 'em replaced, problem solved. It is odd that there was no other brake indicator sound (no usual squeal) from them. Luckily, the rotors were good.