Any Interpol Fans?


Why can't us?
The new album is awesome and i have been a fan for a long time
Guess you missed my endless string of Interpol sigpics for the entire month of July.

Yes I like them, a lot.
nah, guess i missed it. GD the new album is good. i'm iffy on antics. but "not even jail" is amazing. of course, they aren't playing out here anytime soon.
I'm a huge Interpol fan. The new album is great, but Turn on the Bright Lights is still my favorite.


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the new album is pretty solid, but i dont think its as good as antics or turn on the bright lights(my fav), probably the best album i have heard in 5 or 10 years(i compare everything i hear now to turn on the bright lights)


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same here totbl is just mind numbingly good. the only album that i can STILL listen to from begining to end w/o skipping a track.

Wilmington WOW

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I will be down loading the new album tonight


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I gotta say Antics is my fave. OLTA seems a bit more tame, but it's still a good album.

I'm sure everyone's scratching their heads over the "Heinrich Maneuver" video.
I like them. I'm a drummer and I think Sam Fogarino has a distinct sound. I haven't really given the new album much of a listen to yet, but I'm a big fan of "Antics". Their songs are also really easy and fun to play on the drums and guitar. I think my favorite song is "C'mere".

I tend to like their faster songs and the first and new album don't have many. "Antics" is probably considered 'beginner's Interpol' by the hardcore fans, but whatever, I enjoy it.