Any New Good Computer Games??


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Well we know that Stingray likes that Star Trek Elite Force game. Do you have any favorites? :D


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I play 2 games all the time
the sims and dope wars
Very fun games to play


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Yeah Dope Wars is fun.
Officer Hardass!! ;)
I only play 3 games, elite force, quake3 and Half-life counterstrike elite force blows the other 2 games away.
Those games owns, but I've been getting into roms, D&D: Shadows over Mystara rock!


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I picked up VICE CITY today. I want a really good open ended RPG game. I might pick up Neverwinter Nights got a great review on gamespot.. I haven't gotten around to reinstalling Enter the Matrix or HALF-LIFE.. HL2 is due out in sept.

I have been playing Need for speed Hot Pursuit 2 its pretty fun.

I was going to pick up the Everquest game that is Star Wars.. I think it's called STAR WARS GALAXIES but it was $80 bucks and then you have to sign up and pay a fee to play online.. FUCK THAT!!!!

I will never pay to play a game online. Give me a bunch of bots in a Deathmatch and I'll be happy.


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None of the really good ones are coming out until Sept and beyond. Half Life 2, Deus Ex 2, Call of Duty, etc


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i still play return to castle wolfenstein everyday the and enemy territory which is a free dl .
Originally posted by RandomNY
I might pick up Neverwinter Nights got a great review on gamespot
Man, I've been playing Neverwinter Nights like a lunatic for the past 10 days. I already bought the expansion for it, too. My mouse hand was going into spasms the other night when I played til 5 AM. The cool thing about it is that you can play online for free.

Free is good.


I would wait for Half Life 2, Starcraft Ghost, and Doom 3.


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Half-life 2 better live up to expectations. I still have half-life on my HD because it is simple yet fun plus it has many interesting mods other than counter-strike and Team Fortress Classic. ie The Specialists and Natural Selection.

Has anyone played Elite Force 2 yet and what do they think of it?

Also, has anyone heard about Starcraft 2?


Have you seen the trailer for HL2? Awesome m8, it's going to live up to its name. ;)