Any Vegetarians Here?


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I eat plenty of salad & greens, but I eat a well balanced meal, plenty of meat. Had boneless pork chops & salad for dinner tonight in fact.


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I heard Rockpup was a veggie lover.



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living with a vegetarian is a pain in the ass when discussing where to go to eat.


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I am a vegetable rights advocate

they should not be eaten


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I do like veggies but they gotta be served with dead animals.

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I could go Veggie. But I prefer a balanced diet. That and meat is tasty when you know where it's from. No weird additives and shit.


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Ive eaten mostly a vegetarian diet since January as part of my weight loss efforts. I'm not against eating them, but have just kind of cut it out of the diet.


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No not now not ever no how no way. As a matter of fact if I don't eat some kind of meat every day I didn't eat


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Vegetarians who will still eat dairy or maybe fish I don't mind. Vegans are a major pain in the ass. Especially from a chef's point of view. Can you make good food for them, sure. But I just don't get why they do it. Aside from allergies.


I've been leaning a bit more veg of late partly to make the gf happy (she doesn't eat meat for religious/ideological reasons) but definitely not 100%. She doesn't really care if I'm doing it when she's not around(though she doesn't like hearing if I eat beef as she had a cow as a pet when she was younger--she grew up in the sticks in Hawaii). In fact, I had some chicken before I typed this. She isn't preachy about it to others and isn't totally vegan.
The biggest impact has been with breakfast that I'm using tofu instead of eggs now. The consistency of eggs before they're cooked has always kind of bugged me and the more I think about it, the more grossed out I get.
Definitely don't skip dairy though. Can't imagine not having cheese.
I've tried a few different times, and I'll last like 2-3 weeks and then give up.
I hate cooking, so it's pretty damned hard to eat.

I'm a deli-meat sandwich guy. Like dinner will just be a roast beef, turkey, salami sandwich and other crap.
Or chicken, etc.

I know a few girls who are vegan, or vegan and gluten free, etc.
But they all make these gourmet meals that take hours and hours to make, with like 6 vegetarian dishes and shit. So if they make dinner, it's really good, but it's nothing I'd ever do.
If someone made every meal like that for me, I'd probably do it.
One of them has had a few gluten free/vegan cookbooks published.

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I eat more meat than most people. I do eat vegetables with my meat, and fruit of course, but I try to stay away from all the horrible, processed vegetable products people replace butter, meat and animal fat with, thinking they're eating healthy.

And, since I also stay away from anything with processed sugar in it, I'm left with foods that contain meat or eggs for almost every meal I have.
The hardest part about eating vegetables is the wheelchair.
Vegetarians provide a valuable service -- they guarantee that meat will be available for the rest of us for years to come.


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I started eating a salad for lunch every day about a year ago, primarily because of the 20 years of gluttony that preceded that. I lost 80 lbs, and easily maintained that weight over the last winter, even after quitting exercising due to weather and gout.

Every one of those salads had delicious, delicious bacon on them.


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