Anybody else write to wired or Steve Knopper?


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Sep 24, 2006
This is what i sent them, let's see if I even get a response. It'll be interesting to see, i may reword it and apply it to Steve himself if anyone out there knows his actual email. I think i know it but i dont want to make a mistake. In any case, this is what they will be reading, alternate highlighting will be in place so your eyes dont get fucked up:

In response to Steve Knopper's recent Article on the "people meters" and the bashing of and his appearance on the Opie & Anthony Show in which he was interviewed.

After listening to the embarrassing fashion in which Steve Knopper defended his work. I couldn't believe that someone like this is even allowed to write about something he does not even do research on. Sure the right to have opinions should never be debated, however, whether someone likes or dislikes the Opie & Anthony show is completely up to the listener. Which is exactly the problem..after he was given an open forum on the Opie & Anthony Show maturely to convey detailed results of research supporting his opinions..the fraud immediately exposed that there never was any such research just by his hesitation and lack of any response.

While tuning in, the hosts of the O&A show recalled the portion in Steve's article where he refers to them as "twits" and how they will unfortunately be "sticking around" for a while on our air waves. They told him they did not mind his opinion (while being able to tell he was an uninformed writer who works off of impulse) and asked him what exactly about their show resulted in the contents against the hosts displayed in his article. He repeatedly said after about 6 times of being asked the same question: "I think that it is just a suitable word to describe who I was talking about and I stick by it". Wait....what? Are you guys kidding over there harboring such a fraud? He was obviously dodging having to answer the question because as his gut dropped to his knees, he realized he was being called out on a falsity.

People who ONLY base articles off of listening to what already consists of a stuffy and biased media cannot be taken seriously. The news during light hearted or serious stories, have been known to not care about facts being 100% either. It has become an entertainment show over time requiring a grain of salt per alleged fact spoken. If periodically controversial events happen that will catch ratings for news channels, of course unintelligent people WITHOUT DOING RESEARCH will base the core of an opinion on simply a news show. Especially when there is no passion for the topic of a negative opinion to begin with. Such hand picked examples of any show are too isolated to be taken too seriously when bashed in the media. Listening to a show that you plan on writing about for at least a month straight or more..would be sufficient enough to be taken seriously as proper research. Whether any journalist likes the show or not, Steve should do research if he chooses to write about something or he should simply quit because he is not fulfilling his job's duty.

Let me maybe school the ill-informed on why such credentials are crucial when dealing with the writing of such articles. The simple reason is because if anyone is going in an outward fashion to negatively bash or simply speak on someone, everybody is automatically required to prove themselves to the very same focal point of a personal, negative view and/or agenda. In doing this, we can fearlessly show that we are not just going out on a limb whether wrong or right, but that we have a firm position in a point of view. Steve Knopper did neither, he actually proved he was the "twit" himself. Opie and Anthony maturely gave him a silent floor without any chance of trampling his words to prove himself, convey his views, and he just kept repeating that he stood by what he wrote. Probably because it sounds good in theory without even having to give real reasons why he stood by his words. Not only is Steve Knopper a reject journalist but he got his information wrong by claiming that the "people meters" he speaks of, were "rolled out" in New York AND Houston. The actual fact of the matter is that it is only currently in Houston. Good Job.

I will explain exactly why based on my research that I think Steve went at O&A full bore without any back bone to even slightly resemble a man. He has said in the past way before this interview and article that he resents Opie and Anthony for bringing talk to a traditional rock environment. Maybe if Steve answered with that as the reason for his grudge during Opie & Anthony's confrontation, he may still have a sliver of credibility and manhood left.


Andrew Wick