Anybody Kickstart The Pebble Smartwatch?


Here'sh The Thing
I did.
In the Summer of 2012.

Was promised a red Pebble reward by September at the absolute latest ....
It just arrived a few days ago.

This & the "Leisure Suit Larry" remake has really soured me on KickStarter.

Anyhoo, anyone else get one?
I highly recommend the TREKKIE face.
May the fourth be with you!


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Anyhoo, anyone else get one?
A good number of sub-$200 watches run the drek that many refer to as
the "Pebble" OS, and, as such, do suck.
And this is coming from a Rolex owner.

So the answer to your question's a resounding NO.

Look .... pony up the measly extra $5300 & get a Rolex.
You won't regret it and you'll be onboard for the OS that will soon,
very soon, be supplanting Timex as the world's de facto time-keeping device!