Anybody Want "ZORK Anthology"?

Mr. Wacky

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It's this > "ZORK Anthology" - 18MB * GoodOldGames.Com

I read this article > "How To Play Infocom Games On Your iPhone", but I already got it
before I read the whole thing and saw how involved & convoluted a procedure it is.
Yeeecccchhhhhh ....

Yeah I know, I know ....
"But dude/dudette -- all ya gotta do is blahblahblah ...."
I don't wanna fuckin' hear it.
It's much too much unecessary work.

So if you want it, please .... take.
I don't know how long uploads at MediaFire last, but it was put there July 6th, 2011.

You're welcome.