Anyone Else Paranoid Like Ant?


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I was listening to the replay with the wife today, as Ant was explaining his "home security" The wife looks at me and says "ha, your just like Ant".

I carry always, size up everyone.
Keep a gun next to the front door and the bed.
When we go out to eat, I have to sit facing the door, so I can see who is coming and going.

My wife thinks I am fucking insane. But when we go certain places she always makes sure I am carrying.

I don't think there is anything wrong with this...there has to be more out there who feel the same. Whats wrong with wanting to feel safe, and being able to protect the ones you love?

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Ant is right on, I too have taken "precautions".


i wouldn't call it paranoid
sleep with a SIG on the nightstand every night
carry permit expired years ago
i didn't carry that often anyway
and i don't go into Philly very often
one of these years i'll reapply
Let's just say on of my dad's two handguns from the NCPD is readily accessible to my bedroom

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Any man who has a family and doesn't keep a 12 gauge in the house ready at hand, is not a man.

What's your plan otherwise? Call the cops?

Excuse me, but... :haha7:


I wouldn't call it paranoid, but I do have a couple of 12 gauge shotguns, a couple of AR's, one .308 "hunting" rifle, one .308 semi-auto on order:)mad4:) and have body armor just in case.


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I'm prepared. If any sparkling ninja enters my domain it will be the last thing he does.

BTW- Hey Asshole, I take the same kind of security precautions when I'm out with my chick.


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I'm not paranoid but I do own 3 guns.

I DO keep one near the bed at night and have worked out a plan.


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I ain't sayin nothing.
Break in and find out.


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Yes and when money permits one of these years, imma set up a fortified compound to hole up in during the zombie apocolypse/race war/Chineese invasion.

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Any man who has a family and doesn't keep a 12 gauge in the house ready at hand, is not a man.

What's your plan otherwise? Call the cops?

Excuse me, but... :haha7:
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I think you have to at least prepare yourself for the worst. I've got a wife and 16 year old daughter to think about.

As far as calling the cops, the phone lines were cut in that Sean Taylor shooting so always keep an old cell phone near your little friend in you concealment point. Even a deactivated old analog cell phone has the ability to always dial 911, per FCC regulations.


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I live in downtown allentown PA and I guess I sort of blend in with the local coloureds. If someone's gonna rob me, I'll probably see it coming through word of mouth. So I've never felt a need to purchase a negro's-hand. Er, I mean, a gun.

If I looked like Ant does though (jew friendly), I'd be stacked to the rafters with firepower. I don't know what rafters means but it's funny when regan says rafters, so yeah I'd be stacked to 'em.


Paranoid is such a loaded word. I think I'm prepared - and it's not just the schwoogies to be prepared for either.


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yep, I have guns, the cold, and bees. Come try and fuck with me :D


Luckily I live in the south where no one cares what you own. I have 3 safes that hold 64 guns right now. They range from a double barrel 12 gauge made in 1886 to an ar. feep a 12 gauguge mossburg pump in the corner of the bedroom and a M-14 loaded and in the bedroom closet. I pray everyday a ninja breaks in.:D
I'm with Ant on being prepared. I go one step farther and carry. No reason to be a victim when your out of your house.
I am absolutely paranoid like Ant. Things would be a lot better if more people were.

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I don't call it paranoid, I call it being proactive. Others think we are strange because we don't want to be victims. America has become a nation of victims. I personally don't ever want to be a victim.


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This is my biggest problems with my friends and loved ones. Everyone thinks I'm just paranoid because I like to prepare for certain situations. They all seem to be under the impression that this is a nice, perfect world where shit doesn't go down. I know it does, and when it does, I'll be ready for it.

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I was actually just checking out Nassau County's laws about guns...unfortunately NY is very strict about firearms. But for now my "Ninja Be Good" sticks will do just fine.