Anyone ever file a warranty claim for SiriusXM?

Bill Lehecka

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I just had to file a warranty claim for my SiriusXM radio (Lynx) today. They said a new unit should arrive within 7-10 business days. Is it really that long, or are they padding their delivery time?

Luckily I can listen to online streaming.

Also, the support wasn't overly annoying as it has been in the past.


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A few years back, I had an XMp3 that went to hell, and I had a new one in 4 days. Not too shabby for a bunch of incompetents.


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They sucked two years ago. My radio was stolen and the only deal the offered me was buy a new radio, close my old account with the free online, and open a new one.


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Good luck. I'd have zero confidence in this company to do something right.


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Never had a unit break.
Hell, the wife is still using a
Roady we got from the O&A
tour back in '04.


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I loved my roady... got it the same time, signed up at the hard rock (That was where it was, yes?) . Still have my pic of my goofy ass with them. Tee shirt somewhere too, with their signatures.


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My delphi skyfi 3 died a couple years back and delphi went good on it. think it took a few days to arrive.


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SXM-help just sent me a new lynx with 2 day shipping

Bill Lehecka

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I got my replacement Lynx within 5 days. The CSR idiot tried to charge me a $15 reactivation fee. When I told her it was a warranty replacement, she magically found the note that it was a warranty replacement.

That type of shit doesn't help their reputation at all. I guarantee you if I didn't bring up it was a warranty replacement, she would've charged me the $15. Unethical fucks. Seriously, SXM has the most inept CSRs I've ever dealt with. You have to really find someone in power in their myriad of support levels before anything gets done.


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I got things done when I bitched last year on a sat radio forum, SXM_Help got in contact and made things very right and half off then told me to call back with ANY issues, he hooked my wifes new car and gave her half price for the year and 2 weeks ago I called back to let him know that my 3 year old Stiletto 2 was shitting the bed, at first he was sending me a referb Stiletto for free when I asked about the Lynx for some kind discount because I wanted a new toy and would not need to pay for a "best of" package any more, so he sent me a Lynx and car kit for free, also signed up for another year at half off.