Anyone ever have a pyscho ex-girlfriend?

Ok lets here some good stories and ladies i didnt forget about you please tell us if you have any friends like this or did you ever have any pyscho boyfriends?


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As a matter of fact my X bf keeps IMin my mom on aol and askin her about me and asking where I am stuff and he keeps callin me when he knows that I don't wanna b with him


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Ok My friend Sheree is a fucking nutcase...
she got into a fight with her Boyfriend one time and I was there then..we are in the car
She goes to his house beeps the horn then she is yellin at him and screamin cops come and everything mind you I am still in the car.
So then she leaves 2 hours later she knocks on his door yells at his mom and dad and kicks him in the then he is fighing with she is in his house then starts to cry saying I am so sorry please forgive me I cant live with out you and then he says hey calm down I will talk with you later and she freaks again...
She leaves and then starts to stalk him
Goes to his job,goes to the bar he went to then goes to the store when he was shoppin for his dad...
And now she is not much of a fucking nutcase but I have seen some crazy shit... that is why i cant deal with fucking nuts like that..
I had a girl one time get pissed at me over a car muffler. Heres the story this pyscho-bitch had a boyfriend but hated his guts cause he treated her like shit. I justed started college we where both freshman she was all over me. I was respecting the fact she had a boyfriend but she did all these wacky things like walked with me home all the way to my house then she gave me her number and asked her for mine she would call me and talk to me forever. She was pretty cool and yeah i liked her. But then one night when i just got a used car the muffler fell off i was right by her house so i rang the bell and asked if i could use the phone. No big deal right i mean i was there before and all. Well she was in the shower but i explained to her brother what happened he let me in to use phone real quick. Ok i was 17 i really had no knowledge of cars so i was freaking out cause the muffler just fell right off the car i now know i could have just drove home like that no problem and get it fixed the next day No Big Deal... I finished my call and left. When i got home she called me screaming and crying what the hell was i doing what is wrong with me. Supposedly her brother and father went outside while i was on the phone and looked at my car and said it had a muffler and i was lying. I told her no that wasnt true that they must have looked at the wrong car cause i have the muffler right here and its not on my car she hung up. Ok i figured let her cool off this is just a misunderstanding.
30 minutes later my doorbell rings i hear her voice i answer the door and she says come outside i need to talk to you. So i go outside and out of No wear comes her boyfriend he starts talking to me saying listen i dont know what you are trying to do with my girl but its gonna stop right here now or you will be sorry. This asshole was like 24 years old and i was just a 17 year old kid i dont care i dont take shit from anyone so i tell him listen do what you gotta do i dont fucking care who you are. He says i cant talk to her anymore and she cant talk to me. I get into an argument with this asshole but she breaks it up and they leave.
I figure maybe at school i can get a chance to talk to her and clear things up when i try she starts acting like a 5 year old and i walked away cause it was BS. I have never talked to her since.


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Well I have had my fair share of problems. But In this case I was the psycho. I thought I was seriously in love with this girl. I was only 15-17, for those 2 or 3 years i was obsessed with this girl. She was the first girl who actually broke up with me. I had no say in it, she just dumped me. I went on for years harassing this girl and fighting with her in public places. She was alittle sick herself. One time I decided to ignore her, But she had pent up hostility and hit me with a aluminum napkin holder in a pizza place. 5 stitches. One day I climbed on her roof and knocked on her skylight, Forcing her to call the police. Thinking I was a robber. I was just trying to scare her. I was a major pothead back then. But now we are best friends and talk all the time. Although I still feel the urge to bang her..: ]. I can't help it, she had the hottest pair of lips..wink wink..upper lips..jk
Dam Mav thats a funny story. I know this other wacko girl and i havent seen her in awhile i kinda miss her even though she is a wacko.