anyone have this?

did anyone tape or have a realaudio clip of anthony going off on kids today? i only heard the last 30 seconds of that but it sounded good.. if you have it email me or PM me


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When was this cause i taped the show for Frank Caliendo but its on blank cassette tapes i recorded it off the radio.
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no i mean the time. Did it happen when Frank Caliendo was there?
oh, i dont know i only heard 5 minutes of the show today I think it was between 3 - 4PM
Nah sorry man i dont have it. That must have been when they where talking about Vince McMahon on the Bob Costas show or right after it. I remember Ant saying something about bringing babys to movies and babys on planes.


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Alls I know is I have to win I can fuckin listen to O&A all day again<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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Yes i want to win the Lotto as well also. If i do i plan on buying WNEW and signing O&A to new contracts.


If you're going through hell........KEEP GOING!!!
odd...I figured the first thing you'ld do after winning lotto, would be to hunt down J-lo
No no my friend i got that all planned out see if you listen to the lyrics of her song her love doesnt cost a thing my money wouldnt impress her.