Anyone have V-Moda Vibe Earbuds?


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These things look great was thinking of buying a pair. Anyone have em already. If so what do ya think of em? Thnx.

Hey Valk. Sorry, I lost your pm. Don't worry, whenever.

Now on the vibes, headfi has a lot of reviews. Some like them, some had quality problems with them. I looked at them myself and decided to pass and go for the Shure e3c's. The vibes fall apart, while some people like them. To me, they look like schwoogie bling and I'd rather my listening equipment be renowned as quality, which brings us to Shure, Ultimate Ears, Etymotic, etc for IEM's. To be honest, I would go with e2c's for a savings compared to the vibes, unless you're into the goldchain look.


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I love my Bose Earbuds, haven't heard anything about these v-moda earbuds.
I had them, they sound great but they fell apart. They got worn around where the wire goes into the jack after about 2 months, then sound completely went out. So basicly $80 down the drain, as I've had check 10-20 pairs last atleast 4+ months.