Anyone Hear of a Good Egg Named Sharon Lopatka?

Ugly as fuck and into the rough stuff like the fat ones tend to be.

She searched for a man who would torture and kill her.

Longer story with many details @ CrimeLibrary.
From Wiki
Sharon Rina Lopatka (September 20, 1961 – October 16, 1996) was a female Internet entrepreneur in Hampstead, Maryland, United States, who was killed in a case of apparent consensual homicide. Lopatka was tortured and strangled to death in October, 1996 by Robert Frederick Glass, a computer analyst from North Carolina. Apparently, the purpose was mutual sexual gratification. The case became the earliest widely publicized example of a consensual homicide mediated through the use of the Internet.
The murder

Using the Internet, where she also advertised pornography related to unusual sexual fetishes, Lopatka searched for a man who would torture and kill her. After contacting several people who turned out not to be serious, she finally found someone willing to fulfill her request. Glass and Lopatka exchanged many e-mails until they met in North Carolina, where Glass strangled Lopatka using a nylon cord after torturing her for several days. Glass was later convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the act. He was also found to be in possession of child pornography.


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No such thing as practice makes perfect with that fetish.


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How did that face have a hard time finding someone to kill it?