anyone know where O&A is?


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Maybe the're drowning in the tidal wave of rain that hit the city today.


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I was talkin to Norton in ims he said that they have been so busy that they just took off one day to chill out thats all.
Cool, they deserve it. I always worry when the go to "best-of", like what did they do this time? :cool:


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I've been working 15 hours a day for the last week, how come I don't get a fuckin day off?


i've only been listening to o + a for a couple months,and i have still heard mot of the stuff their playing today.


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WNEW what gives dont we deserve to be told when your employees are taking the day off???? Oh yeah I forgot they dont care about our lives. Kidding we shall have to listen tomorrow then.
Hey even our superheroes of radio O&A need a day off everynow and then. :)


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Opie's probaly pumpkin picking and ant's at the local middle school.


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OK, this post started over a week ago because they took 1 day off. I've been hearing best of's for 4 days now. It's getting fuckin old now. The same shows over and over and over.
WNEW really sucks, OnA, Ron and Fez, D&M, Howie, dayem the whole bunch at Infinity are off all freaking week. Thanks for telling us asswipes


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the sould have keep one of them on live not all on hoilday at once