Anyone live in FL? Specifically, Tampa area?

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Looks like I am relocating. Looking for info on where to live, where not to live, where to avoid in general while moving around and about, etc, etc, etc.

Fill me in on what's cool, what sucks, and everything in between as pertains to living there.

This is a big deal. I've never even visited the state. But, that is changing shortly.

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I'm over here now.
I spent some time in Tampa, it pretty much is Philly South.

Clearwater is much nicer and just across the bridge.


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Stay away from Clearwater if you enjoy not being under the thumb of Scientology nutjobs.
Clearwater is the headquarters of the Church of Scientology Corporation. Officially known in Scientology as Flag Land Base, they were founded in the late 1970s when an anonymous Scientology-founded group called "United Churches of Florida" purchased the Fort Harrison Hotel for $3 million. The citizens and city council of Clearwater did not realize that the building's owners were actually the Church of Scientology until after the building's purchase. Clearwater citizen's groups, headed by Mayor Gabe Cazares, rallied against Scientology establishing a base in the city, but Flag Land Base was established nonetheless.[38] In response, the Church smeared Cazares with false sex allegations and a faked hit and run incident.[39] Concerns were further raised when it was revealed the purchases had been part of Project Normandy, a plan to take over the city by infiltrating government offices and media centers,[40][41] which came out as part of investigations into the Guardian's Office's dirty-tricks campaigns known as Operation Snow White

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Poking around online tells me Clearwater has some issues in regards to crime and such.

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I'm not in the Tampa area, but about 4-5 hours drive northwest of it.

Fl has even less restrictive gun laws than PA. I can get into details if you want.

No income tax, most areas I know of have decent property taxes due to all the profits from bed taxes on hotels. Sales tax averages around 7% in most counties. No sales tax on most grocery items.

Tampa will put you within spitting distance of Orlando, if that interests you.

Big military presence in Tampa, due to USCENTCOM and USSOCOM headquarters on MacDill AFB, among other units.

That's just off the top of my head.


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Pretty good strip clubs and serious drunken street parties in the Ybor area, IIRC. If you can find a nice safe place to live down there, there's also a lot of partying to be done.


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I live in Naples, two hours south of Tampa and I love it. Tampa has a weird layout though. You can buy a beautiful house in a great gated community and drive two blocks over and have a mini ghetto, trailer park, golf course community all bordering each other . Beware of the homeless at major intersections begging for money while at a stop light. For some reason the mayor likes to keep them around and wont allow the police to force them out. Btw you dont have to worry about a dry county in Mid-South Florida. the Bible belt ends somewhere a little north of Orlando.


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oh and bubba the love sponge broadcasts out of tampa so you can stop by anytime and shit in his mailbox that fat un-talented fuck.

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I'm over here now.
Poking around online tells me Clearwater has some issues in regards to crime and such.
Pretty much all of Florida, hell, all the Country has crime issues. But it was my experience that Clearwater Beach was much nicer then Tampa or St. Pete.

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If you're open to living outside of Tampa proper and near some nice developing suburb communities, check out Land O' Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel and New Tampa. All of those areas are VERY nice and have some great schools and shopping areas along with some pretty nice housing developments. It's all north of Tampa in Pasco County which is where I went to college. If you want to live closer to downtown, it's hard to say where to live. One, it's pretty expensive if you find a nice place, but if you find a nice place it's going to be very close to some very rough areas. As in any major city, avoid Martin Luther King Drive. I have a few friends that still live in the Tampa area and they've all said that the places to live that are nice are West Chase, West Shore, Bayshore, South Tampa and Tampa Palms.


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lived in FL for a time, but its been a while so I couldn't tell you much, but if you're income dosen't change with the move, your standard of living will likely go up because the overall cost of living is lower


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Oh the best thing is you'll be able to check out the comedy of Intern Matt !!!

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My brother lives down there. Do not even THINK about living in the city of Tampa. Check out Largo and Seminole if you want to find an affordable home or apartment. Clearwater is nice, and of course anything with "beach" in it's name is going to be nice, but pricey. My brother lives about 10 minutes from the beach in a $200K (1999 purchase price) house that is every bit of 1800 sq ft. and has a huge swimming pool with a bird cage over it. Tampa is weird as previously said. Gated community sitting next to a trailerpark that and section 8 apartments are 3 miles down the road full of shines and white trash.

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We're going to be buying a house. I'm relocating for work. It's a promotion and more loot.

I know to avoid the city of Tampa itself. Still poking around. The company is paying for my wife and I to take a "look and see what it's like" trip sometime in the next month.


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Sarasota fl if u can handle the one hour drive.


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My brother lives in Palm Harbor... Kick him in the nuts for me..


My uncle died about 5 years ago , and he lived on this golf course
But he didn't play golf
Had a pretty sweet house that sold for 360,000
Few years earlier it was at $600,000
Been there twice
Once for my aunt's funeral
And once for his

Not sure how much of a Raise you're getting


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I'll be in Tampa in about 3 weeks for work.

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I've narrowed it down to the New Port Richey - Tarpon Springs area. Got about 4 houses I'm hoping to go look at when we make the trip down there, expect to find more as it gets closer.