Anything Cool in Cleveland?


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I am going on a short business trip to Cleveland next week. Land at about 3:30 Monday afternoon and fly back home Wednesday morning. I have a meeting at 9:30 Tuesday morning, I dont know how long it will take but I may have several hours free Tuesday afternoon/evening.
Is there anything to do/eat/see in Cleveland? I know about the rock and roll HOF but otherwise I dont know what to do.


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Nope. Unless you find depression cool. It's filled with that shit.
I haven't been to Cleveland in over ten years. Last I heard The Flats are a pretty much a ghost town since some kid got drunk and fell into Lake Erie. I use to love going there to see concerts and then afterwards head over to a place called Paini's (I think that's what the place was called) for a sandwich.


Surprised Cleveland isn't the suicide capital of the world.


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Not stay...


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I saw an episode of man vs food with a place called melt that had yummy looking grill cheese sammiches.

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Yep, Rock and Roll HOF is it.
Nope, I'm from Cleveland. Don't even bother with that fucking overpriced joke. Not worth the price of admission. The best thing about Cleveland you'll see is the ground getting farther below you as you are departing Hopkins airport. If it was spring, I would suggest going to see the USS Cod. An old WWII era submarine docked at the harbor near the HOF. The flats are dead, Panini's is actually a good restaurant with huge fucking sandwiches. The Melt grill that was on Man vs. Food I have never eaten at but I know there is a location being built in Mentor. The best thing that can be said about Cleveland is that at least it's not Detroit.

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Cleveland sucks hard. Agree with chiapet about the R&RHOF. Make your stay as short as possible.

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Ask the locals where you can get a Steamer.
I opened this thread all excited to make that same joke, and I was sad to see I was beaten to the punch... now I'm disgusted with myself for both.


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Ask the locals where you can get a Steamer.
I opened this thread all excited to make that same joke, and I was sad to see I was beaten to the punch... now I'm disgusted with myself for both.
And God damn to you both. I was such an excited little boy. "You know, I heard something about these great steamers." That would have got the lols. I could have been somebody. I could have been a contender.

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the Horseshoe Casino. it's the only one thing we have that is sorta picking up the place.

go to one of the Melt restaurants, preferably the one in Lakewood, about 10-15 min west of cleveland. it's the place that was on Man v Food. other than that... mmmm.... maybe go around and sight see everything in the cleveland tourism videos. should take you about 20 minutes to find every item. including drifters and pay phones.


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Know what's hot in Cleveland? The Cuyahoga River. We caught that fucker on fire back in the late '60's or early '70's. I can't remember which.

Know what's cool in Cleveland? Lake Erie. In January. Go jump in it.
There's a casino downtown. Melt has two locations close to Cleveland that are in safe areas. I wouldn't trust the one in Cleveland Hts, not the best place. The one in Lakewood was the first one and I usually go to the one in Independence. Michael Symon also has a small chain of restaurants called B Spot that has really good burgers (I just saw one is in the casino as well.) There really isn't much to do. There's an AHL team, but I don't know if they're playing any games while you're here. It's going to be pretty boring.
I haven't been to Cleveland, but Anthony Bourdain has. His Cleveland ep of "No Reservations" might give you a couple ideas.

Michael Symon's Lola is supposed to be a great restaurant at a decent price, and there's a huge bookstore in what used to be a Twinkie factory.

How's that Harvey Pekar statue coming along?


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I went to White Castle and made myself sick from eating so much. Then went to PJ McEntyres(sp?) for a shot of Paddy, a Guinness and some MNF.
Instead of staying all night Tuesday and leaving Wednesday i caught an early flight and went home.


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My dad got to see Joan Rivers in her underwear once in Cleveland.