Anything fun to do in Idaho/Utah?


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Thunder, my favorite band of all time, will be playing their first U.S. show in almost 20 years on Saturday, July 16th, at the Sun Valley Pavillion in Ketchum, ID. I know it's asinine to fly across the country for a concert, but I've never seen them live and this will almost definitely be my only chance. For shits sakes, they sing the song we danced to at our wedding, how can we not go, right?


Looking at the location and how to get there, I think we've decided on flying into Salt Lake City on Friday the 15th, then making the 4 hour drive up to Sun Valley on Saturday. We're going to fly home on Monday, so we've got Friday night and Sunday to do some exploring.

Anyone live in or ever been to either area that could point out some fun things to do or good eats? Trying to plan out hotels and such.

Any suggestions (besides find a new favorite band) would be appreciated. :action-sm

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Skiing, mountain climbing/rappeling, whitewater rafting/kayaking, fly fishing, paragliding to name a few. Unless of course you're a great big fat person, then I can't help you and hope you die from altitude sickness. Just sayin'.

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You're flying into Salt Lake? I'd be careful, them Mormons aren't too approving of "alternative" lifestyles...:action-sm


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Count the stoplights. For the few months I lived in Ketchum in '85, there was only one stoplight in town.

Ketchum is an expensive town to be in. It's part of the Sun Valley resort area, so the costs are high there. That has to be one hell of a fucking band for you to fly cross country and then drive for 4 hours to an expensive podunk town without a whole lot to do other than outdoor activities.

OTOH, if you're a Hemingway fan, you can visit his grave in Ketchum. That's where he swallowed that shotgun shell.


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Eat baked potatoes.

And fries.

They should be good too.


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I'm just across a few mountains from Ketchum. In the summer I can take the shortcut over the pass on a bad dirt road. The rest of the time it's all highway and longer. But I don't go to Ketchum much. It's expensive and full of Hollywood types and snooty people. Once I stopped by the grocery store on the way elk hunting one Friday evening. I had a basket full of meat and other unhealthy things and a small young lady in line in front of me kept looking at me with disgust. She looked familiar and I couldn't place where I met her. Later I realized it was some second tier starlet.

Since the 80s and 90s, Ketchum, Sun Valley, Hailey, and Bellevue have all grown into one big fucking mess of mansions and trailer parks full of drones to work at the mansions.

I see them riding their mountain bikes on the paved trail. The town was started by the railroad in the 30s and became famous. Rich people moved in and the railroad was happy. To show their gratitude, the rich people voted the loud smelly railroad out, but made them leave the bridges and rail beds, which are now hiking trails.

If I was you and had a day to kill, I would drive north over Galena Summit and go to Stanley and hop in a whitewater raft. You can look at the Sawtooth Mountains. You can even climb a peak or two. And if you get lost or hurt, I can read about you in my local paper.

One of the few good celebs I have seen around there is Scott Glenn. They had a huge fire going on several years ago and the whole place was in danger. He personally got set up helping the fire crews get supplies, and when a tv reporter tried to get an interview, he told her he was busy and would talk when the fire was out.

I'm proud that I have been so much help. I stay out in the boonies.

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I'm proud that I have been so much help. I stay out in the boonies.
You should reward yourself with a pat on the back and perhaps some ice cream! You might even consider putting sprinkles on the ice cream!


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Raype some hot Mormon chicks?

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The lack of inferior genes in the pool has led to an overabundance of hot chicks. And if you can find a lapsed Mormon, you'll thank Stigman for suggesting this.
Unless you have an Aryan fetish, I think the hottest chicks have a little "mix" in them...