AOL celeb voices - NO DICE!

They have Hopkins, Mike Myers, Leno and a bunch of other people... but NO DICE! Wouldn't it be cool to have Dice's voice on your PC? Someone pls tell his publicist, he should look into this. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought of this. :rolleyes:

Have a twinkie, snapperhead.


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Hey Max Welcome to the board. I take it you are a huge huge huge huge Dice fan???? well so am I. Why would you want to add Dice in aith all them losers??? Leno sux, Mike is a hasbeen, Dice rules and should be heard but in his own forum. As for right now
Hes Ova Here Nowwwww


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Only In our dreams this will happen on Aol with the Voices never will happen sorry boys
Wishful thinking :(
Alright, maybe not on AOL but there should be a DICE sound package for your computer. My friend has all Simpsons sounds on his PC, it's really cool. Who knows, maybe some day Dice will do it. Never say never. :p
Dice and those losers?? I don't think so. Did hell freeze over? Sorry I don't watch the weather channel. There's no way Dice will ever be alongside those morons. He's too cool for that.

He's too dicey for Jay Leno
Too dicey for the grocery section
Too dicey for AOHell...