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Apparently Earl moonlights for United airlines.....Peas Hode

Discussion in 'Classic Ron & Fez Discussion' started by striker, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. striker

    striker Why yes, I am an asshole, so what?

    Mar 10, 2005
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    So, last week while attending a funeral, we tried to change our plane reservations. Originally we were supposed to fly out on Sat. morning, but decided to stay an extra day. We called UAL Thursday at 9 pm EST, the reservationist of undetermined sex (but not of race), who answered the phone, when I asked if there would be a charge to change our flight, the person replied:

    Reservationist: "Peas hode, I has to ask my supvisor"

    hold music for 45 sec.

    Reservationist: "Sir, there won't isn't a chawge for changing that flying date, would ya like me to change that for ya?

    Me: Please

    Reservationist: "O..ay Sir, I's changed your flight info, ya'll be flying out on Sunday morn at 8:15 instead of Saturday mornin at 8:15am. If ya has an email address, I can email you the change so youse can print out your new e-ticket.

    Me: That would be great, here's my email address

    Reservationist: "Okay Sir, I's will email that to you shortly, can's I do anything else for ya this evening?"

    Me: Nope, that's will be all, tank ya fo ya help...........click

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