Apple Safari for XP or Vista

Apple just released Beta 3 of Safari for Windows. I just got it about an hour ago and I am pretty impresed so far. It renders very fast, and I like the smoothness of the fonts.

Hell must be freezing over.


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I like it but the fonts look fucked up when on google.

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Side button on my mouse doesnt function as a back button, and middle mouse doesnt activate autoscrolling. Installed, tried, and uninstalled in less than 10 minutes.


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I own two mac laptops and still use Firefox. The extensions are what make Firefox the best browser out there.


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Mac OS X 10.5 - Leopard : Hello, tomorrow.

On a related note...

Along with the announcement for Safari - Windows, came the announcement for Mac OS X 10.5 - Leopard at the WWDC.

The BBC story was good.
The Slasdot story linked the same BBC article.

The features that they have listed sound really interesting and logical.

Check out the short vid clips for the various features at the official Mac OS X Leopard site.

I like the Spaces and Quick Look features the best so far.




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It's not a bad browser. Firefox is my browser of choice tho.


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First iTunes then Safari for Windows; I know I'm a mac guy, but why does Apple design better Windows software than MS?


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I installed it and its FUCKED on my machine...NO menus display...its almost just a gray box...all dropdowns have nothing in them...its useless...any ideas, anyone else seeing this?

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Been trying it out and also like the rendering speed and the way the fonts are displayed. But still can't beat Firefox.