April 15th 2005 – “Stewed Tomato and Bunt Cunt”


Daily Recap Team
Show Open

The curse of the Pickled Punk continues?

• Ant says the he loves his headphones today. Op says Ant looks all chipper, and Ant says no he will just be calling it in today. Ant says that his tooth is hurting and it kept him all night. He says he was using Captain Morgan to try and dull the pain by swishing it around his tooth last night. Ant says he can’t wait to get to the dentist and have the Novocain shot into his gum to get rid of the pain.
• Caller – says that Ant may have and abscess under his tooth
• Caller – he says that this may be another example of the pickled punk’s curse.
• Caller – says Ant better check to see where his fly is before he goes under. Op says the female dentist will turn her perv switch and grab Ant’s hog. Ant gets a banana and he says he just can’t eat it.
• Caller - says that Ant should do a swig of peroxide to see if it will help. They send intern Ricky to get some peroxide for Ant, and they say they hope that he will get back before the end of the show.
• Op says this is the different between him and Ant if it happened to him, and he hadn’t slept then he would have called it in.
• Op tells a story about seeing Peter Jennings in the park yesterday, and he says that after seeing him he doesn’t think he will beat the cancer. Op says the only thing he told him was “Good Luck bro”, which leads to a *crash* and the Price is right tuba sound.

Op plays the ‘cancer song’, the Hawaiian “somewhere over the rainbow”.

Bruce Kelly’s Interfuckulars

• Caller – disagrees with Op saying that the show yesterday was one of the best. He says that the Tippy Tom show was the best, and then he says that the Worst Ofs were really bad. Op says that Washington didn’t want to play a lot of the bits they submitted because they wanted to play it safe the first week off premium. Op also asks him what he thought of the Bruce Kelly “interlockulars” – and he says it stunk.

• This segues into Op playing some of them.
- Bruce Kelly and hearing the difference between Op and Ant. (Price is right Tuba)
- O&A being in between the CEO and the cleaning lady
- A wacky voice promo, with a clip of Bush *crickets*
- Answering the phone, with Benny Hill music
- Something about Ant smelling better on the radio – *tuba*
- a fart themed one
• Instant Feed back, saying that Kelly is the Anti Steve C., and if he wears water clothing.
• More of the Worst Of promos:
- The O&A theme song (ugh)
- A couple I didn’t know the theme of
- Kelly talking about hairstyles of Op and Ant. Jimmy says how old do you have to be to make a ‘Burt Convey’ reference.
- Another promo, and Jimmy has Op replay it, b/c the audience laugh sound effect is good.
• Op and Ant say that they are sensing a real theme of jealousy in these promos
- Kelly wanting to be T-bagged by Donkey Sausage. *tuba*; they can’t make any sense of what he was trying to say.
- Another on without a theme, and Jimmy makes Op replay it.
• Ant points out that this is how Bruce Kelly is in when he joins them on the studio, and Op says he really doesn’t fit the show. Op says thanks, because he probably lowered expectations for the new listeners.
• They play a clip of Kelly interviewing the old Frenchy. Op points out that Ben is laughing hard, because Frenchy was saying that it was a great interview but it is really horrible. Ant can’t believe that this actually aired. They continue playing it and laugh at Frenchy’s accent.
• They play the Bob Kelly, and play a crash sound at one of his jokes. Jimmy says that the next time Bob is in studio they should play this interview before he comes in.
• Ant gargles peroxide so they can see it foam in his mouth.
• Sands through the Hourglass – “Jimmy rips into Dragon Wagon”


Dragon Wagon Returns, DeeDee does Dallas

• Ant says that he is hearing that there is a dentist upstairs. Op says they should go upstairs and see if the dentist can see Ant, and they can talk to him while he is in the dentist’s office
• Op brings up that Jimmy was losing his mind because of the “Amityville Horror” remake. Jimmy says enough with the remakes, and Op says he thought it was a no-brainer but it got zero stars in all the newspapers. Op reads one of the reviews.
• Caller – says that they are playing the “Bill’s Bar” replay during commercials
• Op continues reading the review, and points out the horrible attempts at comedy by the reviewer.
• Caller – “Dragon Wagon” from yesterday. He says that he cancelled his XM service and that he will be getting Sirius. He keeps saying that all they do is degrade people, and Jimmy says he is just a browbeaten man. Jimmy says he should take his Sirius and cram it up his wife’s ass. Jimmy also asks if his wife’s name is ‘Bunt Cunt’. Ant says he is starting to feel like this guy is a fake. They say goodbye and cut him off, as Ant does his Rush Limbaugh impression.
• DeeDee calls in. She says that she is busy doing traffic today, so Op tells her to quickly do the news for them. She brings up the story of Sheffield almost fighting with a fan, and they start discussing it. Op points out that the NY and Boston papers report the incident differently.
• Clips of Joe Torre and Terry Francona talking about the incident. Op says he is with the Red Sox on this one. Ant brings up a story about A-Rod ‘saving’ a kid, by pulling him back from crossing a crosswalk when a truck was passing. Op says that’s how desperate the newspapers are, because they put that story on the front page. Op loses it and rips the paper up. He says with all the things going on, why would that be on the front page.
• Back to DeeDee – Britney having a baby, MJ case. Ant says as the trial goes on, it seems more and more like Jackson will be acquitted. Op points out that Jimmy has just given up on the show right now, and Ant says that Jimmy is just fuming right now. Ant says that he will be going upstairs to see the doctor in a few minutes. Ant says that Jimmy would be great on the Apollo 13, when problems come up he will just walk away. Jimmy says he is really irritated, and he sat back because he didn’t want to ruin the bit.
• DeeDee talks about a movie she is doing that is based on her life, and the stuff that has happened. She teases a story about going out with a karate instructor and ending up in the emergency room that she will be telling later.
• Ant says that as the time gets closer to him going to see the dentist, the pain is getting worse, like when you have to dump and you get home it starts coming out faster.
• They are distracted by a hot chick from the Kids channel outside the studio. Master Po comes in and explains that the woman’s name is Mindy. Eric comes in and says that she doesn’t want to come on air. Jimmy comments on the A-Rod story. Ben ribs him about Randy Johnson, and Jimmy comes back by ragging on Ben about his supposed Boston Opening Day ticket.
• They point out that the dentist that Ant is going to is named Goldberg and this segues into them talking about Hogan in wrestling. Jimmy says that wrestling fans are cornballs, because Eric says that Hogan was posing to “I am a real American”, while the cameras went “Kerflash!” in the background. They play the song.
• Caller – points out that Wrestling is the #1 TV sport.
• Jimmy says that people clapping for that is so bad, it makes his back hurt.
• Caller – says he wants to thank A-Rod for averting another tragedy in Don Geronimo’s driveway.
• Caller – says he hates when fans say “we” when referring to their sports teams.
• Ben and Jimmy go at it again, with Ben saying that Jim isn’t a true sports fan.
• Stern’s XM ad into break


Anthony, Radio Dentist?

• Out of break, Op says that it is now the Opie and Jim now, because of Ant’s tooth pain
• Caller – wants to know if O&A will be doing Sirius ads since there is that Howie XM ad.
• Patrice comes in studio, and starts laughing at all of Ant’s dental stuff at his seat. He also starts trying to use Ant’s instant replay machine, and keeps hitting the wrong button. He points out that Nathaniel’s breath smells, and that he should take the peroxide on the rocks.
• They go upstairs to Anthony at the dentist. He says that he is on the dentist chair, and he is getting his X-rays. They comment on the dentist, who is a Jew and Ant says that you never want your dentist to be named “Tyrone Smith”. Op asks Ant if Eric is getting his teeth cleaned, and Jimmy says Eric is probably standing around asking “What is this place?”

Op suggests that they do the Trainable Audio while Ant can still talk on the phone, and Op plays the wet and sticky one. The dentist tells him that his root is infected that is why his tooth hurts. Then he gets his Novocain shot live on the air, and the dentist gives him the general anesthesia that will numb his whole jaw. The dentist says he listens to their show, and Ant says he hope he is a fan. As the Novocain takes effect, Ant does a Vos impression. The dentist tells him his options, and finally the dentist tells him that he needs to have the root canal redone. Jimmy makes Jewish references that make Ant laugh. The dentist start filing Ant’s teeth to reduce the bite, and Ant lets them listen in on the process.

Ant tries a joke, “Nothing?” Ant tells the dentist that he should check on Eric. Ant finishes up, and he says he will be coming back on the show next
• Sands through the Hourglass - “Billy Joel and his wine”


Stress Factory – 732-545-HAHA!

• Back from break, Op/Jimmy mentions that the owner of the Stress Factory is in studio. He rags on Patrice, and Jimmy brings up that Patrice has been chasing people out of the clubs lately with his insults. They rag on each other back and forth, and then Ant rejoins them in studio. Ant says that this doctor is great because he took away the pain he was feeling, but his entire bottom jaw is numb. He says that he needs to have a root canal after the show. Patrice says that he feels for Ant because he had to have a root canal while in Brazil.
• Patrice, Vinny (Stress Factory owner) go back and forth with insults. Then they start ragging on Vos.

Jimmy gives out the stress factory number and rags on the fact that the last four numbers spell out “Ha-Ha”. Jimmy rags on an ad in the Stress Factory with Keith Robinson on it
• Caller – tries a joke *crash*
• Patrice does the live ‘Paisanos’ read. Ant says that only Patrice could make the Paisanos ad sound like a Popeye’s ad.
• Led Zeppelin/Terry Schiavo/Pat O’Brien Mix

• The “O&A Party Rock” into break


The last of the Trainable Audio, and Didi’s Story

• Op says they will finally play the last of the Trainable audio now. Jimmy points out that these videos help you correctly place retards behind furniture.
• First video, teaching retards about dating and sex.
• Second video, retard ‘Ricky’ caught jacking off.
• Third video, a retard jacking off in art class, while drawing a snowman. They point out that Vinny isn’t goofing on the films, and they ask him about it. He says that it’s because he knows someone that is retarded.
• Last Video – “Improper touching”. Op says it was a bit of a downer.
• Dee Dee calls back in. She tells the story about dating a karate guy who did a routine with nunchuks, hit her in the head and she ended up in the hospital. They switch to talking about Master Po a little. Patrice says he well tie two dildos together and hit her with it after Op tells him that she is a dirty girl. They talk about taxes and Jimmy rags on Patrice from mispronouncing ‘contemplate’.
• Ant says he has a last story that he wants Jimmy to read a story about a man that causing his girlfriend to have a miscarriage. Ant makes Jimmy losing it by saying the boyfriend wanted to see a “stewed tomato” in the toilet. They promo Patrice at the stress factory, with a ‘very special guest’. They rag on Vinny’s haircut some more just as…

Program Complete

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