Book Arcanum Unbounded: New Sanderson short story collection


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Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection

Dear Biv,

"The Cosmere has always been full of secrets. Arcanum Unbounded takes a step closer to the connected nature of the Cosmere. Each story is prefaced by an annotation from Khriss, the woman who has been writing Ars Arcanum appendixes at the end of the novels. You'll also find star maps for each solar system. With things like this, the collection goes further than I've gone before in connecting the worlds of Mistborn and the Stormlight Archive. It hints at what's to come eventually: full crossovers in the Cosmere."

-Brandon Sanderson

Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection, the first short story collection set in the Cosmere Universe, is available to order now.

These wonderful works, originally published on and elsewhere individually, convey the expanse of the Cosmere and tell exciting tales of adventure Sanderson fans have come to expect, including the Hugo Award–winning novella, The Emperor's Soul and an excerpt from the graphic novel White Sand.

The collection includes an all-new 40,000-word Stormlight Archive novella, Edgedancer.

And includes nine works in all:
The Hope of Elantris (Elantris)
The Eleventh Metal (Mistborn)
The Emperor's Soul (Elantris)
Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 through 30 (Mistborn)
White Sand (excerpt; Taldain)
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (Threnody)
Sixth of Dusk (First of the Sun)
Mistborn: Secret History (Mistborn)
Edgedancer (Stormlight Archive)