Archie Bunker Dead.

Emmy-award winning actor Carroll O'Connor, who starred as the grumpy, bigoted but lovable Archie Bunker on the landmark 1970s TV series "All in the Family," died on Thursday, his spokesman said. He was 76.


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That blows. I love that guy. He was great in that show. I have not heard from him in awhile. He was probably sick.

Carroll O'conner.
Well ever since his sons suicide he never was the same again you could see the pain in his eyes from losing his son.


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Yeah I remember. On a happier note: I think "All in the family" was in the top five best sitcoms ever:
1. Honeymooners
2. Seinfeld
3. All in the family
4. Cheers
5. Happy days

I love when he would call Meathead a backwards Poloke. Haha :D


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that is some sad shit I liked that guy
God Rest His Soul Up In heaven...


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now he would reality be in the bunker for good :(
I love All in the Family, What a great character he played. to bad Nick At Night plays the same reruns over and over, I have seen them all. Out of 13 years of "all In the family"/"archie bunker's place" you would think that they would air some other seasons of the show! I think they only air 3 seasons worth.

I remember watching that show as a kid in the seventys, It used to have a disclaimer before every show.
I would imagine that there is gonna be some All in the Family marathons either this weekend or in the next in tribute to him.
No sooner than i spoke i found this.

Join TV Land for a special 48-hour Fandemonium tribute to the late Carroll O'Connor on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24.
Aw Jeezeeeee
He wasnt a biggot just a sign of his times but that was Archie not Carrol but I will miss them both lol
was it true that Edith's maiden name was Raw???? Edith Raw lol I thought that was funny ok ok I will stiffle :rolleyes: