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Mum makes cute bento boxes for son every day

From Disney cartoon characters to cute animals or comic characters, a mother from US challenged herself to make a bento for every school day this year.​
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Here's one way to get your child to eat breakfast - make it with things you know he'll love.

While many working parents throw slices of bread together or packets of biscuits into a lunchbox, a mother from Denver, Colorado makes edible cartoon characters using fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Heather Sitarzewski is one such mother who wakes up in the morning to make her eight-year-old son's lunchbox for school and with much creativity too.

From Disney cartoon characters to cute animals or comic characters, Sitarzewski challenged herself on her blog to make a bento for every school day this year.

She decided to embark on the food project last summer, reported The Daily Mail.

Many of her creations have recognisable faces such as Goofy, Snoopy, Smurfs, and Winnie the Pooh.

The Disney-lover and children's book enthusiast told The Daily Mail that the biggest challenge of bringing

Disney to the bento box is making sure the different elements all stay together and in one place.

"The key to getting them to stay together is small, shallow containers," she advised.

"Typically a container that is made just for a sandwich is plenty big enough. There are many "bento" boxes available as well.

"Pretty much all the space needs to be accounted for with food to keep everything from shifting around."
Sitarzewski posts her creations on her Tumblr blog.

Another mother in China also goes through the same process to create interesting meals every day for her son.

Xiong Shouli, 35, prepares something different for her 5-year-old son's breakfast every day, by making characters such as Angry Birds, popular Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big, Big Wolf.

She said that most of her ideas came from the Interent, but original inspirations started to flood her mind after a few months.

Xiong has been contacted by nine publishing houses about putting out her own cookbook.
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A+ for creativity. However, shouldn't she be doing something more productive? Like blowing her husband for allowing such nonsense to continue.