the hell in the cell match was awesome everyone bled. Especially kurt Angle i don't think it worked out to well cause he slipped on top of the cell and busted his head on one of the support beams and he was busted open the worst. Pretty much everyone fought on top of the cell HHH and Austin were the 1st up there but they climbed back down then Undertaker and Rikishi Climed up and so did angle. The rock was the only one NOT to go on top of the cell.

During the hell in the cell match Vince McMahon brought a truck into the arena and tried to dismantle the cell and he hooked up a chain to the cell door and tore it off. then Mick Foley came out and had security rremove McMahon. But it was obvious why the truck was there the back of the truck was covered with Hay. So it was for whoever was to be thrown off the top of the cage. It was Rikishi who went off the top. It was pretty good i mean its not the fall that mankind took but then again who could equal that?

BUT NOW!!!!! here's the problem the match is at its peak Austin, Rock, HHH< and angle are in the ring taker was still on the top of the celland rikishi was still in the truck.

Rock and Austin go face to face and the place goes nuts they start to trade vicious right hands and then rock gives austin the spine buster and tries for the peoples elbow but HHH knocks him down the men lay there all bloody. Then austin gives HHH and Rock Stunners and i was like wow NOW HERES MY BEEF after the stunners as i am so pumped all of a s kurt angle gets like a pinky on HHH's elbow and the ref counts 1,2,3...ding ding ding it's over.....WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? it was such a shitty ending to an awesome match i mean iot totally roooooooined it.

As for the other matches it wasnt that great of a PPV, The APA did make their return that rocked. Steven Regal beat Hardcore holly. Dean Malenko beat Up lita The Kane vs. Cris Jericho last Man Standing match was ok. But the main event was so good until the end.
ooh yeah sorry Jericho won the last man standing match and also The One Billy Gunn Lost his Intercontinental Title to Chris benoit.
Dam thank good i decided to watch repeats of The Sopranos instead of ordering the PPV. Although Hell In A Cell is my most fav type of matches.

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the hell in the cell is definately worth a look but i'd wait for it to come out ontape and just rent it. The rikishi fall wasn't bad but ahhh. But the ending really blew huge african monkey balls
I dont think this has ever been done but a tag team hell in a cell match would rule you gotta have the Hardys in there against Edge and Christian or The Dudleys or somebody.

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That homo Angle pinned HHH. Angle has got to lose that title soon.

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My bad it still sucks that he kept the friggin belt.

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i agree ...the match was great. But the ending sucked
Next PPV is the Royal Rumble that should be a big one it will set up Wrestlemania.

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