Armed Carjacking Ends With Gunfire In LA's Koreatown: Perp dead

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Armed Carjacking Ends With Gunfire In LA's Koreatown

02/24/12 01:32 PM ET

LOS ANGELES — An hour-long chase of an armed carjacker in Los Angeles ended with a barrage police gunfire that peppered the stolen car with bullets and killed the suspect just a few feet from a motorist pumping gas at a Koreatown gas station, investigators said Friday.

The dramatic conclusion of Thursday evening's pursuit was broadcast live from a news helicopter, and Los Angeles TV stations on Friday repeatedly replayed the video, which showed officers firing on the Saturn, blowing out the car windows and killing the man in the Shell gas station.

A man pumping gas ducked for cover during the fusillade.

Investigators haven't said how many officers fired or how many times they fired their weapons at the Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue gas station, Officer Lyle Knight said. The video appears to show up to two dozen bullets were fired at the car.

The man, who was in his 20s, was declared dead at 7:43 p.m., assistant chief coroner Ed Winter said. His name was being withheld because relatives haven't been located, Winter said.

Investigators said the man carjacked a vehicle Thursday afternoon in San Bernardino and drove 60 miles to Los Angeles, where he carjacked a 65-year-old woman's Saturn just east of downtown.

The stolen Saturn headed north on U.S. Route 101 and took the Hollywood Boulevard off-ramp.

KCAL-TV, which broadcast the pursuit live, showed the car passing through Hollywood. The driver was caught in slow traffic as he approached Highland Avenue, and he appeared to slow down to talk with people on the sidewalk.

The suspect pulled the car into the Shell gas station with police squad cars right behind him. He appeared to wave a gun as officers approached.

Harry Hahn, the gas station owner, was pumping gas into his car when the Saturn and about 10 squad cars pulled into the station.

"I saw a guy with a gun behind my car, and after that the police came. Police said, `Just go down!'" Hahn told KCAL.

"He ended up pointing a gun at some point, while he was seated in the car, at some individuals inside of that gas station, and an officer-involved shooting occurred," Cmdr. Andrew Smith said.

A handgun and a knife were found inside the Saturn.

Knight said no officers or bystanders were hurt.
Great video of them unloading on the guy on live TV. But listen to the cockblocking news anchors tell the chopper camera man to "pull back." Cunts.



Poor sweater boy cutie got caught in the crossfire. They lit him the fuck up.

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But...but.....why didn't they just shoot him in the leg?? Oh the hugemanatee.jpg

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But...but.....why didn't they just shoot him in the leg?? Oh the hugemanatee.jpg
Nah, they should have just waited until he got out of the car...

Video at the link.
Carjacking Suspect’s Sister Speaks Out About His Violent, Deadly Ending
February 24, 2012 11:25 PM

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Family of Shonchy Thaopraseuth, 22, of San Bernardino insist he was a great guy with lots of friends.

They have no idea how or why he ended up carjacking at least two drivers Thursday. Or why he took police on a pursuit that ended with him pointing a weapon at three people at a gas station in Koreatown and the LAPD emptying as many as 30 rounds into him.

Thaopraseuth’s sister talked to KCAL9 and CBS2 reporter Greg Mills.

Through tears she said police shooting her brother was unnecessary.”They could have waited till he got out of the car. I apologize for what he did … to those people. And no one got hurt. Thank God.”

The family was actually watching KCAL9 during the pursuit and deadly confrontation. They told Mills they had no idea it was their son, their brother who was behind the wheel of the carjacked car. They watched, along with a live KCAL9 audience, when police shot and killed their loved one.

Police say Thaopraseuth carjacked two vehicles at gunpoint Thursday evening. And they say he was also threatening at least three people at the gas station with his .38 revolver.

The older sister said her brother suffered from depression, triggered by something several years ago that they aren’t even totally sure about.

“He’s not bad at all. I don’t know what happened. He’s not bad.” said Puong Ma, the sister. “My mom! The whole family — we’re like ‘what the h—. Not my brother. No one expects anything like this from my brother. No one.”

The family says they were not aware Thaopraseuth had a gun. They’re all stunned. A disbelieving Ma said, “It hurts. I still don’t believe. It’s not real. But you’re standing next to me and it doesn’t feel real. My brother was just 22. He just had a birthday last month.”

Shonchy Thaopraseuth, 22

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”They courd have waited tirr he got out of the car. I aporogize for what he did … to those peopre.
Yes, after carjacking two cars and reading porice on a hour rong chase whire brandishing a pistor, they shourd have waited for him to get out of the car.

Gooky McDogeater got ventilated for his efforts. Deal with it.

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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
"Ma'am, we found your Saturn. Don't mind the extra ventilation holes and gook blood."

Also, CBS has no problem showing a live murder, but they censor "hell" on their website. "whaa"


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"Oh...that poor Man pumping gas!"

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Calling it "Koreatown" is racist. The correct term is "Gookburg."