Article on WJFK's Ratings Drop Because of D&M and O&A switch


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It was expected. I cannot see regular Don and Mike listeners to suddenly come to see O&A as good radio. And I hope that you know the reason why.

From the Channel Surfing column in The Washington Times:

WJFK ratings drop
By Chris Baker
21 Jan 02

Fairfax talk-radio station WJFK (106.7 FM) has plummeted in the ratings since shuffling its afternoon lineup last summer, according to new audience research.
WJFK slid from fourth place among Washington's 33 commercial stations in fall 2000 to 12th place last fall, the Arbitron ratings service said in its latest report, released last week.
The study measured the period from Sept. 20 to Dec. 12.
It was the first local ratings report since July, when WJFK moved popular late-afternoon hosts Don Geronimo (whose real name is Mike Sorce) and Mike O'Meara to an earlier time period, replacing them in the lucrative afternoon-drive slot with the New York-based "Opie and Anthony" comedy show.
"There may be some hard feelings from the hard-core Don and Mike fans. They may not be ready to accept this new team from out of town," says Tom Taylor, editor of M Street Daily, an industry trade publication.
When "The Don & Mike Show" aired weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m. last fall, it ranked first in its time period. But with "Opie and Anthony," WJFK's ratings dropped to 17th place in that slot.
The numbers don't worry Mr. Sorce, who also serves as WJFK's program director. He says it will take "Opie and Anthony" time to find its audience.
"You don't flip a switch and start off with a big rating. It takes time," he says.
And even though WJFK's overall numbers are low, the station still does well among its target audience of young men, Mr. Sorce says.
WJFK may be able to afford to be patient with "Opie & Anthony."
The station, which is owned by a Viacom subsidiary, generated $33.8 million in revenue in 2000, the most of any Washington radio station, according to estimates from Chantilly media research group BIA Financial Network.
Listeners still like "Don & Mike," which now airs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It tied for fourth in its new time period, an improvement over G. Gordon Liddy's 10th-place finish in the slot one year earlier.
WJFK fired Mr. Liddy last July when it overhauled its schedule.


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once they hit rock bottom there would not be any other way to go but up :D :)
Arbitron be dammned folks in DC are listening to the line-up on WJFK Stern, Don and Mike, O & A etc. O & A have no real competition anymore. The shows that were the competition have been slayed by Don & Mike years ago. There is no funny afternoon drive show in DC at that time slot period! Afternoon drive in DC is a bitch ready for her dog and O & A are the dog. In my opinion the spores are spreading and the the disease known as O & A will germinate and spread the infection and DC will be conquered in time, trust me.


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now wysp is going down hill just as wnew has sence don and mike came to wnew:D :D