Artie Lange, highest paid comedian?

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If the rumors are true, Artie Lange is close to becoming the highest paid comedian in the world. According to Playboy Magazine, he weighs in (pun intended) at #2 on the big money list. Artie is funny but he aint no Jimmy Norton. How in da fuck did he become a comic superstar? It's hard to believe but his presence on the Howard Stern show was enough to raise the public profile of that fat fuck to the stratosphere.

Artie Lange



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There are a few comic that most people have never heard of making obscene money in Vegas.

Also, I'm not sure if it's true, but even after he dropped from the pop culture radar, Dice was supposedly the highest-paid comic in Vegas.

If it were a meritocracy, Carlin would be number 1. Maybe he is, but I don't know if his college gigs are expensive.
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