Asbury Park

I will agree with O&A it does look like Beruit. I went there back in 92 and it sucked. That place is a fucking dump.


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never been there i have been to wildwood,point pleasent,and seaside


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Every thing is borded up and it looks like the Newark 66 riots


Is alive.
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What the Stone Pony says.

Kate Mellina is a CT for carring more about this that the Greek Fest Riots.
Summary of the situation:
Well Opie and Anthony are again introuble with a "leader" of a city. O&A held a HUGE road show at the Stone Pony where a lot of FUN was had. But When the owner of the Stone Pony, Domenic Santana, complained about the horrible handling of the Greek Fest, were there was nothing short of a riot, he was told by the Asbury Park Police Director, Michael W. Dowling, that the O&A Road Show held at the Stone Pony would be "investigated" for possible un-lawful acts. Santana and O&A said that this is a blatant abuse of power and that the Greek Fest Riot was a worse problem and it is not getting the attention it deserves.
Asbury Park Article:,2110,421973,00.html
Stone Pony's Story:
Pictures from the Stony Pony Road Show: