Assasins Run..AKA White Swan..AKA Balletkata


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Should've guessed this was straight to DVD.


Darkness always says hello.
That is so bad it looks like a parody.


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
[Rich Evans Laugh]

The poor girl couldn't even get her name above the credits, even in an And Introducing..., when 70% the trailer is about her? Then again, the movie didn't make it clear whether it's Slater seeking revenge or ballerina seeking revenge. Also, when did Christian Slater become a less attractive Jeremy Piven?

And Assassin's Run is a horrible title, since no one seems to be running. Why not Dance-Sassin? C ME KILL?

Wait. It's called Assassins Run, not Assassin's Run or Assassins Run. So it's more like Assassins Run! (As in Run Assassins Run!) or The Running of the Assassins