AT&T iPhone MMS question


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I've got a question that I've tried to find out from AT&T's website and didn't have much luck. I will probably ask them but I'm afraid their answer will piss me off, so let me see if anyone here knows first.

We gave my son our old 3Gs when we upgraded. I only opted for the 200 MB plan and made him only use wifi for internet (turned off the data signal on the phone). However doing so he couldn't send or receive Multimedia messages (pictures, mainly). We have the unlimited family texting plan on our account. I turned the data back on and the picture texts worked again, but they racked up data changes. Sending & receiving a couple pictures ate up about 17 mb of data. My question is, since iPhones apparently use their data allotment to send pictures, why does AT&T charge for MMS texting? Am I getting double dipped here?

Note that I never noticed this before when it was my phone because I had unlimited data and could give a shit whether it cost me data to receive or send a picture. With the new caps it's pretty obvious.
thats at&t for ya. wont be any different with any other smartphone with them

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Even online it seems people have been given different answers by different CS reps. If you call, make sure they note the conversation and get their rep numbers/name.

Some say if the MMS is under 600kb it's included, after that it's not.

For awhile my kid's phone on Sprint wouldn't get MMS messages until they updated the firmware so I setup a contact group with her email and the "text" email address to her phone at When I would send her a pic I would send it that way with the subject of "MMS" and she would know to check her email. Bit of a pain, but it was a good workaround especially since at the time we didn't have unlimited MMS included in our family texting plan.

I think the email to text address for ATT is:

There's also plenty of MMS/SMS apps that could probably accomplish what you're looking for on wifi.
AT&T sucks almost as much as Verizon. I'm dreading their takeover of T-Mobile.