Atreyu - Lead Sails, Paper Anchor

I gave it a listen last night. While I've heard many other bands that are much worse, I wasn't all that thrilled with the latest installment when compared to the previous album. I am a fan of the band, this album just didn't particularly jump out at me. Maybe as I listen to it more it will grow on me a bit.

I did also get the new As I Lay Dying. That I enjoyed more. If you're interested in them.

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I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. It's alright but not close to "Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses"


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I downloaded it on a whim and wound up enjoying it. I have a different taste in music then other people though...
i used to like them, now there more into extreme metal and atreyu just doesn't appeal to me anymore, i downloaded this and never listened.

Johnny Manf

I kinda like it but The Curse is still my favorite album by them.