August 9th 2005 – “The A.F.R.O Show – XM Edition”


Daily Recap Team
Show Open

Another Assault on regular radio

• Show starts with a special AFRO theme, a mix of R&F’s intro song with the O&A intro by Dru Boogie.
• Op says that is their little welcome to R&F and Ant talks about the picture of them that is outside. They continue to play the intro, and Op says you can just feel the excitement in the air with the joining the channel. The music stops, and Op jokes the energy disappeared with it. Op starts talking about the ‘fucko list’ but...
• Ant is upset because he got his food and didn’t get his club soda with it. Op says that he had déjà vu with all food order going wrong.
• Caller – gives a ‘Cowhead and Brent’ update, that they have been taken off the air and replaced with Spanish Music. Op talks about the show where they had called in, and applied for a ‘golden ticket’.
• Audio – the ‘friendly’ attack on the Cowhead and Brent show, as well as them saying ‘your mom’s box’.
• Op reads a letter from Cowhead’s site, and says he likes the guy, based on what he has heard so far.
• Caller – says that O&A sound like Howard Stern in terms of wanting shows to kiss their asses, but Op explains that they only like a couple of shows and the rest are relegated to the fucko list regardless of ass kissing or not
• Switch to talking about Russ Martin, a Dallas DJ firmly implanted on the ‘fucko’ list.
• Audio – from the Russ Martin Show, with him ragging on O&A, and giving the usual argument about their supposedly limited listener base. Op pauses it to explain how their contract works and if they only had a few listeners they would not have had the contract renewed. He also explains a claim that Russ Martin makes about an email he received from Opie saying that he was next. Op says that it was proved by the tech guy at the old station that the email was never sent from Opie’s IP address. The audio continues, and Ant calls in an attack on him. Ant says he loves the guys on regular radio that are ragging satellite radio, not realizing how popular it is becoming. Op points out that all these guys sound the same – Russ Martin, Shannon Burke, Todd Schnitt et al.
• Caller – asks Op to give out the guy’s number. Op gives out the number, as well as the station’s information. Ant says he hopes that the guy will have fun with all the pests attacking him today.
• Caller – talks about an article on XM versus terrestrial radio.
• They break off the discussion of Russ Martin and switch to talking about the astronaut’s mother from Queens. They start goofing that the guy is probably glad to be up in space and away from her.
• Audio – the mother on NY news radio station 1010 WINS.
• Ant starts imitating the mother, and he plays the ‘King of Comedy’ clips
• Op runs down what they have coming up including the appearance of Ron and Fez at 8 a.m., as well as Bob Saget. Op says that Ant flew home on the same plane as Bob Saget, and Op says he will talk about his celebrity encounters.
• Sands Through The Hourglass – ‘Goofing on the Rosie Retard movie’


Shuttle Lands, and Op’s celebrity encounter

• They talk about people asking where Ron and Fez are, and Op says they will be on at 8 a.m. sharp.
• They switch to talking about Peter Jennings dying, and about Op’s greeting to him when he saw him in Central Park which was ‘Good Luck Bro!’

• Audio – Peter Jennings, talking about their firing at WNEW.
• They talk about his smoking habit, that he had stopped for 20 years and started again 4 years ago. They say they can’t understand anyone that is still smoking, and Jimmy says he is trying to get Vos to stop.
• They talk about the news that Dana Reeves, wife of Christopher Reeve who has reportedly been diagnosed with cancer. They play the Hawaiian cancer song, and Ant say he hates the hospital shows.
• Ant reads an IF from PatFromMooanchie saying that the irony is that the horse that threw Christopher Reeve is probably doing just fine. Ant reads an IF saying that the worse show is House on Fox, which points out that there are 100 ways to kill you.
• They look at the video of the shuttle descending through the atmosphere. Ant wonders where the force fields that they were promised in the future are, and Jimmy says all we’ve got is ‘Rogaine and pocket pussies’.
• Ant says people are wishing the shuttle crew a ‘good luck’ bro.
• Caller - says he called Stern’s show and was dumped out.
• They pot up the audio of the shuttle crew’s descent. Ant does the impression of the astronaut’s mother in the background, along with the ‘King of Comedy’ clips. They continue to listen to the audio until the shuttle finally lands.
• Jimmy talks about how he had a woman co-pilot on his flight home, and how he got a moment of uncertainty. Ant talks about his co-pilot who was an Asian woman. He says he felt safe because Bob Saget and Lesley Ann Warren on his plane. He talks about flying with Bob and how it was funny talking to him. They talk about it, and all of a sudden in the background comes a *I got a golden ticket!!!!* from Fez, who will soon be joining them in studio.
• Op talks about his celebrity experience – He was walking past a movie theatre that was having a premiere, and he stopped by. He says he was standing there with his chick, and then the paparazzi realized who he was and all of a sudden they started taking his picture(this will be brought up later in the show).He says it was weird because he never considers himself a celebrity. He says that as soon as they started snapping his chick ran away because she didn’t want to have her picture taken. He also talks about how he was recognizing a lot of the photographers from previous times that pictures of them were taken. Ant says those pictures will now be file photos for anytime they appear in the news.
• Op talks about being on the plane with ‘Sugar Hill Gang’, and Eric making him awkward by asking him if he wanted a picture with them. Ant points out that every time a guest is in studio Eric asks them if they want a picture.
• Op says they need to take a break and start the AFRO show next.
• Audio – Dru Boogie’s ‘Graywolf’ remix.


‘And so it begins’

• Audio – the Dru Boogie remix of the show’s respective intros as the AFRO show officially begins.
• Ant says it’s conglomerated MONGREL theme music. Ron says its funny listening to the show and hearing Jimmy kick in about an hour in. They joke about Fez’s ‘gay angle’. Op says that they can get the cursing out now because they are on satellite now. They remember when they were first on XM and how they tried to clean up the show for rebroadcast on regular radio. Ron talks about how they were suspended for a listener saying ‘shit’ on their show. They start talking about their agent (he represents all of them), Bob Eatman. They talk about how they were supposed to be on XM in March. Ron talks about the show O&A did on Friday at the X Games and how it sounded like they were interviewing the same guy every time.
• Caller – talks about old shows that Ron and Fez did.
• Ant says it’s funny when he goes to Florida and hears some shady story about Ron.
• Caller – a R&F fan, giving her Big Ass card #
• Ron talks about how the old listeners would listen to them on underground websites. He also talks about how the websites had become so big that when they were discussed on them the company would be mad. They switch to talking about Bob Eatman again. Anthony makes a math error, and Jimmy jumps to goof on it.
• Caller – wants to know if they will have Brian Regan back on to the show to compete for the Enema/Funniest Guy competition.
• They remember that show, and how Op made the dominatrix cry. They also remember the last time they were technically on the air together; on the show they got fired. Ant remembers they were in studio, but couldn’t talk. Ant remembers trying to get in to a Ron and Fez event and being unable to get in. They also talk about producer Al Dukes, and the night he kissed a guy and broke Ant’s foosball table.
• Caller - reminds them of a bit they did at their old show. Ron says it’s always weird to hear about bits that were shocking then but now seem so wacky.
• They talk about Eliot Spitzer in NY, and how he fined a station for their slap competition.
• They talk about how it’s weird it is for them to be off for a while until they start on September 12th. They talk about how Jimmy as still able to appear on Infinity Stations even after they got fired.
• Ant talks about watching Jimmy chatting with a hot chick, and how Jimmy’s conversation was like an interrogation.
• Op says they need to talk to Ron and Fez about the days after they left the old station, when they come back from break.


BAFRO? - Bob Saget joins the fray

• They laugh at Ron and Fez and how shocked they are at the short breaks. Op says its amazing the better you get in radio, the less time you are actually on the air. Ant mentions that his phone has a text message on it from his sister, saying that Ron remembered her saying that they would be back together. Ron gives out Fez’s Virginia number.
• Op talks about the photo that was in the papers of Ron and Fez, and then Ron talks about being the last people left at ‘NEW.
• They talk about Jeremy, the old Station PD and how he messed up Jimmy’s contract.
• Ron talks about how the reporters would ask them questions outside the studio after Op and Ant got the boot. He talks about the picture that was in the Daily News in the days following the firing of him and Fez, which talked about them being the successors to O&A. Opie talks about seeing the front page of the Daily News with ‘Opie and Dopey’ and coming to the realization that he was ‘Dopie’.
• Bob Saget joins the gang, and Op introduces him to everyone in studio. Ant and Bob talk about the flight that they were on, with the Asian and Mexican pilots.

Bob goofs about the people that walk up to him for autographs, and about the flight attendant.
• Caller – with a question for Bob Saget, but he is really nervous. Op points out that the guy was calling in to say that he didn’t know that Bob Saget was filthy.
• Bob talks about the day he called the show and didn’t get on. Op explains that they didn’t blow him off. They touch on the Black Honeymooners a little, because that’s what they were discussing on the show that day. Op says that the feedback is shocked that he is so dirty, and he jokes ‘they can go fuck themselves’. He asks them what the line is on XM, and Ant tells him that they once did jokes on Adam Walsh’s head.
• Bob talks about being on ‘Full House’ where his character is the total opposite of his act.
• Caller – trashes Dave Coulier, one of the other guys on ‘Full House’.
• Ron brings up that Bob was on Entourage, and he talks about it a little.
• Caller – talks about how he saw the reverse – he saw Bob being dirty and then saw him on ‘Full House’. Bob talks about Full House a little and also about being the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.
• Caller – wants to know who wrote his jokes on America’s Funniest Home Videos. He explained that he did it with friends of his, and he says he did some of the silly voices for the animals in the show.
• He talks about seeing a video of his audio from AFV mixed with the ‘Faces of Death’ show.
• Caller – says it’s so weird to hear Bob cursing, and he also asks Bob about the Olsen twins.
• Caller – says he thought he could blast the show loud with Bob Saget on, but once he heard the cursing he had to cut it off.
• Op brings up the story of Bob Saget’s daughter’s birth, so Bob starts telling the story – basically his wife was in intensive care because of a traumatic birth, and he was taking care of the baby. He says he was holding her and in response to ‘you daughter’s beautiful’ he said ‘you could finger her for a dollar’.
• They switch to talking about ‘The Aristocrats’ and Bob explains the basic setup of the joke.
• Audio – Cartman doing the ‘Aristocrats’ joke
• They are distracted by CNN and a story that Dana Reeve, wife of Christopher Reeve being diagnosed with lung cancer.
• Caller – talks about people from Bob Saget’s old high school hating him. This segues into them talking about Philadelphia since this is where the high school is.
• Caller – a grrrl, ‘Friday’ the porn star, that spit in Jimmy’s mouth once
• Caller – talks about a guy that came out the closet at one of Bob Saget’s show.
• Caller - another caller saying that he hated Bob until he heard him today.
• Op gets a note saying that Bob needs to leave, but Bob says he can stay until 10:30.
• They talk about all the replays of Full House and they segue into talking about syndication and Seinfeld.
• Caller – brings up a rumor about Bob and Paris Hilton
• Bob gives out an address for a cause he is supporting
• Caller – says that Bob should be the one to sit in when Jimmy is in LA shooting his HBO show with Louis C.K.
• Caller – another guy saying that Bob’s appearance changed his opinion of him.
• They thank Bob Saget for coming in and tell him he is now a friend of the show with an open invitation to come on.
• Audio – ‘Rolling with Bob Saget’


Black Earl’s Silver ticket and Show Wrap

• Back from Break, Ant says that they have found the picture and story from the Daily News that they were talking about before. They joke about the golden ticket concept, and then Ron gives Op a Brother Joe song about Black Earl. They say that Black Earl will be helping the show, and they goof that he is getting a ‘Silver ticket’. They explain Earl to the audience, and they talk about the infamous day that Earl was hanging pictures (OA Virus will probably have the audio up later).
• Audio – Brother Joe’s Black Earl song
• Ant says that is possibly the best song parody ever.
• They play the original song, ‘Patches’ because Jimmy said he didn’t recognize the original.
• Caller – says there is a picture of Opie and his girlfriend on NY Daily News. (not sure if the picture will be still up cause the site crashed. I was going to post the link but it think its not kosher – check the daily news’ site).He says that this will do some damage, because he was trying to keep the relationship on the down low, and that she hates having her picture taken.
• Caller – ‘Photoshop Mike’, who does photoshops of Fez’s head on people’s body. Jimmy asks him to put Fez’s head on his picture from ‘Yellow Discipline’. Jimmy and Ant do their impression of Ron and Fez.
• Caller – saying he is glad to have R&F back and then ‘gets’ Fez.
• They listen to audio of Dr. Ruth on CNN.
• They explain that they can’t go past 11 to Ron and Fez, and then do a live read for
• Jimmy says that Bob Saget was just hilarious on the show today, and Ron talks about his appearance on Entourage. They welcome Ron and Fez, and give them the chance to promote their show starting September 12th.
• They take callers welcoming Ron and Fez, and Dugout Doug gets in the last WDIL just as…

Program Complete

Photoshops – mikepop, cigarsandscotch

Random Listening Thread Ramblings

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“Opie jinxes celebs the same way he does for sports teams.”- savethewave
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“wow, i missed these guys . . . . . XM just got a hell of a lot more gooder”- ImSalty
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