Avast Antivirus Registration


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Hey, my Avast popped up yesterday telling me that my registration would expire. I clicked to renew my registration (free), but that option was grayed out and the only thing I can click on is the upgrade (pay) option. Has anyone run into this?

I might wait out the registration to see if the free button magically works or I'll just uninstall/reinstall this shit.

I'd also like to hear if other antivirus programs are better in your opinion and why.



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Microsoft security essentials. Easy on resources, free, and I've never had an issue. That with the free version of malwarebytes and you're set.


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I'd just do a complete uninstall and then do a fresh install with a new registration. Then you're good for another year. Don't use AVG, because it is kind of buggy as of late.