Awful Me standup link?


Uncontrollable Urge
Know he has his stuff on youtube, forget the link. One of our Listening thread buddays is a pretty f'ing funny standup.
Hopefully someone can supply the link and get him some attention.
Awww! I feel special. It's in my sig.

and right here:

Most of it was for tv, so i had to avoid strong language, but some of it is open.

In a few of them, really really drunk.


Doesn't need your acknowledgement on Twitter
Wackbag Staff
Hey good for you. I just watched a couple of your vids. Pretty funny.


Who is John Galt?
Very good. "If I drop it they will slow down cause it's something shiny". Nice
I wish I had video of my bit about why I couldn't be a doctor. All i have is the audio, but anytime you get to say pussy cancer, its a win.