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Grew tired of Chorme plugins like Flash being screwed up every time it updated so started using Firefox again. It seemed like Firefox was updating every time I turned the damned computer on and every time it did it would change my default start page to Mozilla's Google search page. It was also crashing almost as much as chrome. I've been using IE for a week and no crashes or plugin crashes or flash not working.

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Give it time. I'm sure it will start pissing you off before too long.


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I can't stand Firefox's constant need to update. If Chrome is doing it, at least it doesn't stop what I'm doing every few days to take care of it.


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They all suck from time to time. Chrome blows for me sometimes so I use IE for certain site with videos.
I use Chrome as my default. I have IE set on maximum security settings and all plugins turned of when I want to visit sites that have too many Flash advertisements.

I don't come to your website for advertisements, I am not going to put up with them moving around and flashing as well as using up half my CPU power.
You try Opera?

I used to use it back in the "day" for these thin clients we deployed in various retail locations... as it had a really small footprint.