Bad Gas - Paging Dr. Fez Man

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Fez Man - I have a car that has been sitting in my garage for 4 years that hasn't been started. Being the lazy fuck that I am I haven't started it in 4 years and it only has a quarter of a tank of racing gas (110 octane) mixed with some 92 octane.

I need to fire this fucker up. I have gotten multiple pieces of advice and wanted to see what you think. This is what I've been told so far -

1. Should I add a few gallons of new gas, some fuel injector cleaner, possibly some of that sea foam shit. Jump up and down to mix the old gas with new gas, then fire the fucker up. Change the oil and I'm good. If it won't fire, then go to step 2.

2. Drain the tank, flush it out, refill the tank with fresh gas. Fire the fucker up. Go get the oil changed, and done.

The car has modern fuel injection, external fuel pump and the tank has been sumped for racing.



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Waiting for Kirk to tell us that gas actually gets better as it gets stale and the gov't and oil companies tell us otherwise cause they want us to buy more oil from the Middle East with money borrowed from China

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Kirk if you post in this thread, I'm going to stuff both your skull and Joey's skull into that safe after I open it.

No BeerBelly, it's a stock gas tank that I sumped and then installed an external fuel pump and filter on to.

Thanks Maz. Everybody keeps telling me SeaFoam and couple gallons of gas.


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This might not be a bad idea either, since you don't know what is in the existing gas:
Dry gas is an alcohol-based additive used in automobiles to prevent any water in the fuel from freezing, or to restore combustive power to gasoline spoiled by water. The name Drygas is actually a brand name, owned by Cristy. It is a liquid that is added in to the fuel tank, that absorbs the water and keeps it in solution.Some brands contain methanol and some contain isopropyl alcohol.
Just a thought, I don't know for sure.

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Add about two pounds of aspartame to the stale gas, fire that fucker up and proceed to drive around town whilst spewing chemtrails!


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I used to fix old cars that had similar stories.

Make sure you get as much of the old fuel out as you can.
Change the fuel filter.
Pour about half a can of Seafoam in the tank
Put in a few gallons of new fuel (preferably Shell 93 octane)

Hope it starts. It might run rough for a few minutes as it burns off the old crap.

Good luck bro.

But FM will trump what I have to say. It's his profession.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Sea Foam

Add a can or 2

one can should do, just fire it up and run it out, worst case is that the fuel pump is fucked up with water but i wouldn't worry to much about that because it was already hit test in the tank and not shitty pump gas