Bad Luck


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after 2 years of trying to get my girl to listen to O & A she picks today to see what they are like. While some idiot is on there telling girls to have 3 boyfriends!!! This sucks. I'm gonna go get my F on while I still have the chance. I guess I won't be giving her any bling- bling for valentines day.

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Isnt funny how girls always seem to pick the wrong time to check stuff out. Then they take things to another level and before you know it you are sitting there feeling like your being indited by a federal grand jury.

Colonel Will Bill

at least they weren't shooting fireworks out of a c today, or doing the wiffle-ball bat challenge, i think you'd be out of luck getting her to listen if that was on.
Yeah that is true it could have been worse but still friggin women are nuts.

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