This FU goes out to all those fucking people who jump on the bandwagon of a championship team but jump off once they lose a game. Example all these assholes calling into the FAN 24hrs aday saying the Yankees are over. Fuck them calm the fuck down its only April and watch in September when where right in the race for the pennant they will be back fucking fake ass fans.


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IOHN fuck those fans babe.... they suck.... I may be a Red Sox Fan but I know this for a fact As a Boston Fan I will Not talk shit what so ever....but the fact of the matter is that the Yankees always make a come back... if not in 1st place they will be in 2nd... so please dont pay them no mind I know how you feel... I know that you are a yankee fan and that you are true to your team.... but I hate some of the fans cause of the fact that everytime they win they have brand new fucking fans i hate that more than life so i agree with ya
Perfect example calling all Chicago Bulls Fans in the Tri-State Area!!! Or should i say calling all Los Angeles Laker fans in the Tri-State Area.
Can someone please tell me what the fuck IOHN means already? i thought it was jay, then it was john now Iohn?

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Yeah it took me awhile to figure that out too!!! I used to think it was that sign hanging above the cross Jesus was crucified on.
You callin out a Bulls fan IOHN? Look here boy! I'll come out to your place, with my Bulls jacket, and stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry! :D
Ok whatever ben, How long have you been a Bulls fan? I applaude you on sticking with your team even though they now suck. If Jordan comes out of retirement next season does that mean all the Bulls fans will become Wizard fans???


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Jay you make a great point. I will never go back to liking any other team but the knicks. But when jordan was on the bulls I was a bulls fan. If he came out of retirment I would not root for his team again. I am now and forever a die hard knick fan. As for IOHN--> I had no fucking clue either sting. Thanks for finally asking that. :D
I have been a life long Rangers fan -- was a fan before Devils moved to NJ -- can never leave one of my teams --- Yanks/Knicks/Rangers/Giants = forever

Oh and thanks -- learned a new thing "IOHN" -- I LIKE IT !!!!

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Thats cool i got no problem with anyone liking a team that plays within the tri-state area. Hell im a Devils fan but i think there are more Rangers fans here in NJ than there are Devils fans.
Basically All NY teams suck mandril ass ceot for Yankees and Rangers. And if Jordan comes back, I'll be rooting for Bulls, Lakers, and Wizards! What IOHN! How you like that boy! :D :D :D :D :D