Bar 9, every other Tuesday night...

Brother Joe

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For those of you that are un-initiated, The Tuesday night Shot Club will be starting up again as of Tues. Jan 15th, and will happen every other Tuesday 'till they kick us out again.

Live Music, Shots, Beer, Surprise guest performers and TITS!!!(It becomes Wed. after midnight of course) Hope to see some of you there.



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This is very cool news Brother Joe.
I was looking forward to checking your band out.
thanx for the post. :D


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Is anyone going to bar9 tommrow? Brother Joe will be there.

Tommrow is April 9, 2001


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i may go today who else is going
i'll go one of these days, but only if a bunch from our board go, otherwise i don't want to know about it.
i'll be up in that piece as always......


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JOE, try posting on this board, maybe you would get more people coming to your show, instead of Toolbox people every show!
some of you should go. not all the people from the toolbox are bad. (sometimes licking ears, yes) but some are cool.

next gig is June 4th.