Baseball cards ---- you lost.


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Aug 7, 2005
Norristown PA
I was reading Lil Jimmys book and it brought up a memory.

The Question is simple Did you ever have a half ass valuable sports card and destroyed it some how?

I won a Lou Brock rookie card from a friend of mine flipping cards, at that time I think $40 anyway I had it in my back pocket , went to take a shit at school, did my duty, flushed then I see Lou floating down the hole with all my shit.

Also had a Pete Rose ,his 2nd year , around $200, It had a green back , where all the stats were. My little sister decided to feed her dolls green beans one day, she ripped up alot of my green backed cards and Pete turned into a green bean.


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Dec 9, 2004
Upper West Side, NY
I remember a kid back in my old neighborhood used to autograph all of his cards in magic marker with his own case *he* became famous. This was back in the 80s...he had some pretty good stuff too.

Another story not related to cards being destroyed, but cards nonetheless. There was this retard who had a really nice collection, lots of 70s stuff, I think he got it from his brother or something. Hed loved to trade and have people come over to his house. Poor guy got totally robbed in his trades because he never realized the value went beyond if you liked a player. Mike Pagliarulo rookie for Reggie Jackson rookie...not such a good idea. I dont think he cared much. Also, some neighborhood rascals used to stuff heaps of cards in their undies and socks when he went out to the can so I think his trading days didnt last all that long.


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Jan 14, 2002
Land of misfit toys
Dopey mom decided to have a yard sale one year...and cleaned out my room of my "childish things" Three Shoe boxes of Baseball Cards among which were a Joe Dimaggio, a Buster Crabbe cigarette card, Pete Rose Rookie, and Reggie Jackson Rookie...Along with my extensive Xmen and Avengers comics Collection..I estimated my collection to have been worth 5-10 grand....she sold them for 15 bucks to one guy.


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Mar 12, 2005
I spilled iced tea all over a bunch of valuable cards when I was in middle school. the were down a few feet on a shelf, it was an impossible angle that some the iced tea hit. I lost my temper pretty badly and just yelled at myself

but most of the cards from the 90s arent worth shit now cause they saturated the market so badly. so years later that lost of 10 real good cards or so dont hurt to badly. the one card that does hurt and I couldnt replace was the upper deck michael jordan in batting practice card, BEFORE he left basetball and player in the minors. it was relatively rare and I wsnt able to find another

and I have a brooklyn dodgers ball signed by the whole team the year they won it all, so any of my cards are garbage compared to that


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Aug 12, 2002
Brainerd, MN
i still have all of mine, and have no idea how much its all worth... anyway, some kid i used to hang around with years ago stole my cal ripken jr rookie card...


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Nov 4, 2006
monroe twp, nj
i lost my GEM MINT 10 Mark McGuire rookie dialin people...


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Aug 19, 2005
Chicago, IL. Southside, stupid.
I was a pretty devoted and smart kid.
Recently, I went through my attic (looking for all my old gi joes) and found my 50 upper deck ken griffey jr rookie cards.
(also, there were 10 ben macdonald rookies in there too)

Either way, I hadn't seen em since 1991, easily.
Sent em to beckett for grading and what not.
4 were gem mint 10.


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Mar 24, 2004
Your Mom's box
I had a Clemens rookie card that got wet. I think I still have it somewhere. Not that it's worth shit now.


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Nov 4, 2006
monroe twp, nj
when i was around 13 i found a T206 Honus Wagner card in my friends card box...took that shit when he wasnt looking...went right to Jiffy Photo and baseball cards only to find out it was bogus...


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Jul 3, 2006
Buh Buh Buh Boston
i have that clemens rookie and i thinks it worth 40-50ish. i have tons of micheal jordan and shaq rookies. those are gonna be worth big bucks.

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May 23, 2007
too bad those chunks of cardboard really aren't even worth wiping your ass with anymore. the market is so damn saturated. all of the idiot dealers in the late 80's and early 90's (myself included) hiding away boxes of waxpacks thinking they were an investment and retirement plan were just plain fools. maybe in 50 years those factory sealed cases of 89 score will be worth 5 or 6 bucks. thems were the days.
May 7, 2003
Hicksville NY
I still have a shit load of cards mostly early 80's to mid 90's sets down in my basement...I'll have to take a look at what I got soon...I don't even remember how much or how many set's I have