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I live in a NJ/NYC suburb with houses separated by driveways. My neighborhood has many, many old trees. My neighbors one one side are talking about getting bat boxes for their backyards (3 houses 3 boxes, all in a row). I have never seen a bat in my area in the 15 years I have been there. However we do have mosquitos and they can be pesky. The neighbors are hoping the bat boxes will encourage bats to move in and eat the bugs. Hence my question: If all three houses get bat boxes, and for argument sake say they fill up with bats, am I going to have a huge bug problem because all the bugs will come to my house or will I have no bug problem because the bats from my neighbors boxes will have eaten them? Do I need to jump on the bandwagon in order to avoid inheriting every bug that doesnt want to get eaten?

Thanks for the help.


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I would have sworn this was a reference to Butt Plugs. Maybe I need to listen to less radio.


Bats will eat a shit ton of bugs. However, their houses have to be set up 'correctly' to be occupied.

The Google will tell you more.

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My neighborhood has multiple bat boxes since my hippie neighbor explained how beneficial bats were for pest control. I rarely get bitten by a mosquito in my yard. It's also rare to even see the bats at night unless you really look for them. Get your own bat box, and teach your kid to never touch a dead or injured bat, and your golden.


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by 10 minutes after reading this thread I have researched, planned, and convinced my wife on me building one.


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I am reasonably sure that bats will not stay in their own yard, ergo you will likely benefit from their presence without having to house them.


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by 10 minutes after reading this thread I have researched, planned, and convinced my wife on me building one.
I still don't even know what it's about. One of the benefits of living in an urban area, I guess.


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Made one for my dad to put up in his yard, as my parents live fairly out in the country. The bats ignored it and moved into the attic above their garage. Dozens of them. If you're in the yard around dusk, you can see them taking flight.

Unfortunately, even though there's at least 20 bats in their attic, the number of insects is still overwhelming. We put up foggers, citronella torches, everything you could think of, and it's still dinner time to the mosquitoes out there.

It is pretty cool to see thousands of fireflies all at once, though.


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More like Mediocrenoonquil or sumpin'. Tss, tss.
Dont bother putting one up unless you live near water. And the box has to be outside for a while to get the new smell out of it and smell like nature.
I have a large bat box.. called my attic. I can deal with the stray bat in the house once a year.

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14 feet up facing south/south east. The box has to get a lot of light. If there is no water source withing a quarter mile or so, you will not have any takers. The neighborhood boxes took a year before we seen any activity. Once one box had bats in it, the others quickly filled. The hippie lady put two up on the side of her house. She will go to all the boxes and collect the bat shit for her garden. I guess bat shit is fertilizer on steroids.

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I did alot of research on these before and am convinced I want to put one up, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I got a huge reservoir (protected - no fishing - nothing) 1/4 mile from my house. Between my house and the reservoir is a wildlife preserve type area. I am pretty sure I'll get plenty of bats.

I got a pole to mount it on. I just have to get around to buying/building one.