Battlestar Galatica season 4 will be it's last.


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Just got the official word. Even though I knew back and posted it back in March. Season 4 22 episodes and than it's over. November it will all a 2 hour special called "Razor". Now thw question is do they find Earth in the Middle , or the End . And what Earth will it be Future, Present, Past, Did the 13th colony ever get there. Was the 13th Colony from earth will find out in 2008.


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Sad to see it leave but is a very fast-pased series and so they couldn't not hold back for long.


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There was an article on where the producers say they get a glimpse of earth.


"Battlestar" finale in works for a while

By Kimberly NordykeMon Jun 4, 1:28 AM ET

The executive producers of Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica," which will kick off its fourth and final season next year, said plans for the show's demise have been in the works for more than a year.

Ronald D. Moore said he and David Eick started thinking about the show's end midway through the second season but that the idea really gained traction somewhere in the middle of Season 3, when the characters reached the algae planet and got a clue to finding Earth.

"We thought, if we don't start paying this off and really revealing those secrets, we'll be moving in the wrong direction and get to a place where it felt like we were jerking off the audience," Moore said during a conference call with reporters Friday, a day after they announced the hit show would end.

They said the network was supportive of their decision.

"This is a decision that took some time to arrive at," Eick said. "There was a number of questions internally and a creative agenda we wanted to serve, and we all had to collectively decide when to be definitive about it, and that time is now."

As for the cast's response to the news, Eick said it was mixed, with some expressing surprise and others who were more understanding. He added that the cast is approaching the fourth season differently knowing that it's their last.

Moore and Eick were vague on their plans for the series' final episodes, but Moore did say that viewers will "get to see Earth" by the end of the show. He added that most story lines will be tied up in the finale but believed there was "value to leaving some things open to the imagination and unresolved." Moore also said there are no plans for a feature or miniseries beyond the finale, but he added, "Never say never."

The producers also are talking to Lucy Lawless about reprising her "Battlestar" role as D'Anna Biers, but nothing is definite.

Moore and Eick added they haven't received word from the network yet on any pickup for "Caprica," a spinoff prequel of "Battlestar" announced more than a year ago.

Asked if they have any regrets about something they wish they'd done differently with "Battlestar," Eick joked, "We never got Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) and Number Six (Tricia Helfer) together."

"Battlestar" also stars Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, James Callis and Grace Park.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
well, i will be sorry to see it end, since its one of my favorite shows, but it had to end, you cant set out on a journey and never complete it.


BSG and The Shield are my top shows... I hate to hear that this will be the last season, but hopefully it will end before its jumps the shark.

I'm betting on a future earth when they do find it.. How else would they know the lyrics to all along the watch tower?

I'm also predicting that the people on earth will be hybrids..