Beating Victim Goes After Knievel Estate


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Beating Victim Goes After Knievel Estate
LOS ANGELES (Dec. 3) - Of all the bones Evel Knievel broke over the years, the costliest may have been the left arm of a PR man by the name of Shelly Saltman.

Saltman won $12.75 million in damages against Knievel after the motorcycle daredevil attacked him with a baseball bat in 1977 in a rage over a book Saltman had written about the showman.
With interest, the still-uncollected sum has grown to more than $100 million by Saltman's estimate, and he intends to try to collect it.

"We are going hot and heavy after his estate," Saltman told The Associated Press after Knievel died Friday at 69. "What he tried to do to me and how it hurt my family, I'm owed that."


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Sometimes people deserve a fuckin beatdown.

Fuck if I hit the lottery I can only imagine the people that would be coming after me for shit I did in the late 80's early 90's.
Bones heal, thats what our bodies have evolved to do.

He can get the fuck over it. His family didn't "go through" anything except the realization that he was a faggot douchebag.

Hopefully the guy gets hit by a speeding motorcyclist while walking through a crosswalk and is paralyzed. He doesn't deserve shit. Tons of people deserve to be beaten and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it. Sometimes that's just what people need to straighten them out.

Kind of like a relative back in the 80s that went to settle something with a guy that owed him money. WHen he was at the guy's door he dashed him with gasoline as soon as he opened the door and held a zippo with the cap off and assured the guy that he was going to pay him the money that he was owed.

You just cant do that kind of shit anymore :(