Beauty Queen Retires after more than 300 wins.


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She's fucking six.

6-Year-Old Beauty Queen Retires

Eden Wood Featuered In Hit Show 'Toddlers And Tiaras'

POSTED: 8:27 am PDT July 13, 2011
UPDATED: 8:47 am PDT July 13, 2011
A 6-year-old beauty queen with 300 wins under her belt is hanging up her crown -- at least for now.Eden Wood has made her final appearance on the hit TLC reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras," but she and her mother-manager say they aren't finished with show business.The pair are trading in pageants for a bigger piece of the celebrity pie, with plans for an Eden Wood Princess Canopy Bed Collection, her own showgirl action figure and a memoir, "From Cradle to Crown."

"I think she's following in the footsteps of some pretty big people who have done pageants, like Oprah Winfrey," Eden's mom, Micki Wood, told ABC News.Eden did a Midwest mall tour, "Eden Wood and the Glamour Girls," a variety show with her former beauty queen competitors. The tour is a chance for Eden to perform new songs off her upcoming album after making almost $1,000 from her first single, "Cutie Patootie," ABC reported.The little girl recently performed the single on CBS' talk show "The Talk," but received glares from Sharon Osborne and the other hosts, and is getting death threats on her Facebook page over an upcoming appearance in Australia, her mother said.


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I wish I was fucking a six... oh, years old!

Seriously though, all the parents putting their kids through this pageant shit should be locked up on child endangerment charges.


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I always wondered- is it a bigger honor winning the crown or being featured on TAT?


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When she hits puberty and the looks hit the shitter she's gonna struggle.....really, really bad.


Darkness always says hello.
When she hits puberty and the looks hit the shitter she's gonna struggle.....really, really bad.
I cant wait for the Toddlers and Tiaras follow up show when they all have acne and snaggle teeth.

That statement may have just put me on some watch lists.


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Even knowing that horrible show exists is grounds to be put on some pedo watchlist.


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So as a TAT viewer, Eden is the best trained monkey out there. She already has one book published. The last time Eden was featured on TAT she didn't win the biggest title, she was 2nd place over all. The grand prize in that pageant was a canopy bed. (she lost, hence why she is starting her own line of beds) She did hand out the grand supreme title prize money last night on TAT, $10,000.00, to a 21 year old... Lets just say all the baby mamma's were hurling insults all over the fucking place. I mean I guess I would be mad too if i just spent thousands of dollars spray tanning, eyebrow waxing, fake teeth, hair, makeup, and three outfits on my brat of a child I had to train and wrangle into the whole thing anyway... not to mention the entry fee and the cost of travel and hotel room... I'd be mad too if I didn't get reimbursed for displaying my snaggle tooth pig.


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...And on another note... TLC is fucking weird... they have the strangest ass shows ever. I'm just saying.

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That TAT show is so repugnant and morally reprehensible that I can barely bring myself to jerk off to it.


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brought up on o&a or cool Internet videos a while back