Beer lovers' dictionary


Equal opportunity ass-kicker
Ales: How you feel after you celebrate your birthday.
Brewski: The art of downhill drinking.
Bush: The President's favorite beer.
Coors: Affirmative. Do you want another beer? 'Coors I do!
Fat tire: Evidence you've had one beer too many.
Hamms: Holiday mmeal that goes great with bbeer.
Hops: What you do in a long restroom line waiting to go tinkle.
LaBatt: What the French hit LaBall with.
Lager: Burly guys who cut down trees.
Moosehead: Blind date.
Non-alcoholic beer: Obviously, someone's idea of a joke!
Schlitz: Exclamation of anguish. "Oh, Schlitz! The keg's empty!"
Six-pack: What your abs will never resemble.

;) Thought you guys might get a good beer gut laugh out of this. :p :D