Ben Linus(Michael Emerson) from LOST on The Show interviewed by Chatty Anthony 2/15


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Aug 14, 2000
Michael Emerson who plays Ben Linus from Lost came into the show today. Anthony and Robert Kelly talked about how most people wanted the Writer's Strike to end because of LOST. He came in the second season and has really shone. He thinks his character is so popular because of his candor and charisma. Robert Kelly brought up his character's scenes where he was mistreated as a child.

Michael Emerson says that people want clues but not spoilers. The Flash Backs and Flash Fowards really help the show with ideas of redemption and consequences of mistakes being shown in their cause and effect. Michael says people are very polite and nervous about him. He isn't as chilly and calculating about Ben. He looks like the least likely person to be a criminal mastermind. Anthony brings up that Ben is getting pummeled on the show constantly. Robert says he looks like he needs a break on LOST. Anthony asks for spoilers and Michael says people we like will get hurt and people we never thought to see again will come back. Anthony brings up that with the Flash Forwards we know the conclusion but not how the characters got there. Anthony brings up that Ben ends up as Sayid's boss at the end of yesterday's LOST. Bob Kelly brings up every episode has a cliff-hanger. Ben says the writers are smart. Anthony described the pilot as amazing with the CGI and action and takes a turn. Michael doesn't know what the smoke in LOST is. Travis asks what question Michael wants answered: Michael wants to know what his uber-mission is. Richard Albert does not age and is pre-Other is an amazing character. It takes 10 days to write a working script and 2 and half weeks to start shooting. Michael says that the season will be compressed but everything the writer's wanted will be there in the coming seasons. Bob Kelly brings up that he will be getting residual checks for years. Michael says that when he is in his 90s he will be at a convention. Anthony thanks him for coming.

LOST is on ABC Thursdays.

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Nov 16, 2006
Hoboken, NJ
It's funny how this guy who Ant was gushing over was in a movie with another actor Ant gushed over in the past. Shawnee Smith. The two were in the first "Saw" movie together. Michael played Zep in "Saw".