Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson 10/15/2011


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46 year old Bernard Hopkins is the oldest man to win a legitimate boxing title.

He defends that title just 5 months later against 29 year old "Bad" Chad Dawson, the legitimate #1 contender in the light heavyweight division.

This is extremely rare in any title fight, let alone one where the champion is old enough to be the challenger's father. Hopkins makes history every time he fights now. Enjoy him while he's here.



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Okay....Dawson slammed Hopkins on his shoulder and somehow got a TKO victory in the 2nd round


This shit is so getting overturned.


I wear my sunglasses at night...Anyone want fries?

from the article:

This fight is a clear indication why the UFC will keep becoming more popular as boxing fades into oblivion. Here's why: If a crazy situation like this ever happened in the UFC, the guy in charge, Dana White, would know exactly the right thing to do. And he'd know it because he's growing a business and his job is to make that business attractive to as many people as possible. His job is to protect that business. Dana White is not going to let anybody disrespect his sport, much less one of the UFC's own fighters.