Best Album Covers

i was going through my cd's and looking at the covers and thought this would make a good topic. Im tired and im doing this off the top of my head so dont take this as a final list

1-Beatles Sgt peppers LHCB, Abbey Road
2-Pink Floyd - Aniamls, Darkside Of The Moon
3-Cream - Disreali Gears
4-Nirvana - Nevermind, In Utero
5-Billy Joel - Piano Man

im sure there will be many more to come
heres a couple more

the doors - morrison hotel
led zeppelin - zoso aka Led zeppelin IV
How bout GNR appietite for destruction and STP core.

How 'bout Whitesnake "Slide It In"?

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woodfloor always has a great reply.

but gnr is a good choice

i still say sgt peppers LHCB is the best cover

but i was looking through some more albums today

jime hendrix experience - are you experienced great cover.

frank sinatras reprise collection great shot of frank

green day's dookie


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i'm not getting the topic here. Is it album that would be good to cover or that are covers already. Like garage inc??
Speaking of Metallica they have some good covers too. I like the cover to Master of Puppets & the black album.