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I want to have L'il Jimmy's babies

Every day, dozens of STD singles join our growing STD community. members form a diverse, global community of singles who share common STDs & goals - to meet other STD singles, find dates, form romantic STD relationships and meet sTD life partners. Old and yound, straight and gay, from every country around the world, STD singles come to to flirt, meet, date, have fun, fall in love and to form meaningful, loving STD relationships.

If you like what you have seen on, you should take the next step and become a STDFriends member. First, create your Free profile and tell us about yourself and what you are looking for in a STD relationship. In addition to creating a Free profile, members can post photos, videos, blogs and send greetings for free. Greetings are a great way to break the ice by sending a wink to somoene who has caught your attention.

Okay, so you've searched through available herpes dating profiles and you've seen someone you think you may hit it off with; you like thir photograph, you have read their Profile, filled your profile have uploaded your photo. Now, it's time to subscribe, because flirting via greetings is a wonderful ice breaker, but email is where true STD love connections are made. By subscribing, you get unlimited access to Herpes Dating on You get to send all the emails you want and do online chatting with video, audio or just traditional Instant Messaging.

There's even a 'Hot or Not?' section:

Creasy Bear

gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh
Hey... lepers need lovin' too.

Jimmy's Dignity

Pound my bloody fudge!!
Staff member
Wackbag Staff
okay, so who's gonna join & search for those with AIDS?

<=== not it


Doesn't need your acknowledgement on Twitter
Wackbag Staff
Nice. Now everyone's got a club.


Another girrrrl!!!
I wanna register to see if I know anyone in the "hot or not" section. :icon_mrgr

Chino Kapone

Yo, whats wrong wit da beer we got?
I dont really see the differnce between signing up for this site, or going to the local Saturday night meat market. "whaa"


permanent case of the Moooondays
Uhhh, what are standard friends? Sounds like a silly name for a dating site.